Ignorance of 21st century

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Undoubtedly, the 21st century is the age of enlightenment and knowledge yet there are people with self-imposed ignorance. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this era has produced the more well-educated ignorant than ever. The dissemination of knowledge with rapid increase in technology and innovation has become more easier than ever. However, the sad part is that the most of the knowledge we get in today's world are often misleading, biased and wrong. This practice of transferring knowledge has been done on regular basis by millions of people. Surprisingly, many of people instantly believe on this word of mouth information, moreover, they passes this information to other without investigation and verification. I have received many messages, articles and videos which are either wrong, biased, misleading or are based on pure hatred.

Instead of information we get misinformation. Instead of love we get hate. Instead of getting impartial opinions of a writer we get biased and molded opinions. Every writer slants the way writers lean. This practice is common everywhere and distressing part is that we all are victim of it. We merely believes on hearsay and we blindly believes on popular opinions.

What to do?
Concluding my point I would suggest that if someones comes to us and inform us about something or if we get online information, we should investigate or verify the source and credibility of that information, lest we should harm people in ignorance and afterwards feel regretful for what we have done.

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