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Before I begin though, I would like to point out that while researching this topic I noticed that there isn’t a lot of information out there on the subject and much of what is out there is piece meal, contradictory and/or based on personal opinion. As such, I want to make it clear that this article is based on limited research and information and that it is mostly my interpretation of the subject based on my own understandings and experiences. With that in mind, this information should not be taken as fact but rather as one individuals perspective.

Good disclaimer I appreciate that and tend to highly agree, though in my mind pretty much all ancient history is similar.

Mark Amaru Pinkham describes the process of becoming a D’Jedhi priest in “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.” In his book Pinkham describes a ritual in which a D'Jedhi candidate undergoes a symbolic death ceremony before finally being initiated into the ancient order. The candidate is buried in a sarcophagus (stone coffin) for three days at which point he is (symbolically) declared dead by a presiding priest.

Interesting you quote Mark Amaru Pinkham as he is how I discovered this information. Also.. The 3 days in a coffin thing.. Reminds me of the story of Jesus being killed and then being put in the cave for 3 days before he rose. I remember a quote by I think Manly P Hall, I'll try to find it.. But he claimed that it was a ritual in ancient Egypt to hang people upside down or put them in a coffin or something like that for 3 days as a sort of metaphorical way to initiate a death and "reincarnation", so this D'jedhi ritual I'm guessing is probably one and the same.. And that's pretty fascinating to think about.

Found it!

"It has been claimed that Apollonius of Tyana was initiated into the Arcanum of Egypt in the Great Pyramid, where he hung upon a cross until unconscious and was then laid in the tomb for three days. While his body was unconscious, his soul was thought to pass into the realms of the immortals (the place of death) After it had vanquished death (by recognizing that life is eternal) it returned again to the body, which then rose from the coffer, after which he was hailed as a brother by the priests, who believed that he had returned from the land of the dead. This concept was, in substance, the teaching of the Mysteries." (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition) p. 183)

Researchers have found that meditation not only re-wires the brain but can also grow brain cells (grey matter) in several areas, including the hippocampus (i.e. the area associated with learning). It seems that the practice of meditation does have a physiological effect on an individual who practices it.

I did not know that meditation could grow brain cells, that's fascinating especially considering meditation is usually an "emptying" of the mind so to speak as opposed to filling it with information which is more how you would expect brain cell growth to occur.

Also.. I had never heard of the Djed pillars before! That is a fascinating discovery that leads me to believe more and more that the D'jedhi legends have more truth to them. There's also a story about a famous magician which is disputed in regards to it's historical literalness, but combined with those pillars it shows me there are some actual legit historical examples of this idea more than just personal testimonial from secret society/occult types of individuals.

An example of such a metaphor is the the verse in the Bible about Jesus performing the miracle of walking on water. This is actually an analogy describing an individual taming the turbulent inner turmoil of the mind so that they can transcend to a higher form of consciousness.

I had never thought of it that way before, it does make a good amount of sense, though I do think that is a multi layered metaphor and also relates to the "sun" walking on water like a reflection in an astrotheological sense. Not saying you're wrong, I think you're probably right.. Just that it probably has numerous meanings as many ancient teachings often do.

To me, this is the secret of all of these ancient orders. When the individual is uninhibited by their mind, their ego dissolves and the persons transcends into pure being.

I think it's one of the secrets, though probably one of the most powerful and important ones, maybe the most powerful and important.. One thing I wonder about is, if they realize this, why do so many of them continue to try to enslave and prey on the world? You would think this kind of knowledge would make them know benevolent and compassionate..?

As such, the ancient knowledge that these orders protect is not actually hidden within their books and it is not something that can really be read. instead, it is hidden within each individual and it is something that has to be experienced.

Really appreciated this part! And I highly agree.
I do think some things are hidden externally that are valuable, however the most valuable I think is hidden within.

Generally, we want to believe that powerful things are impossible or that they must be complex. We also tend to believe that it is through knowledge and information that we will gain wisdom and enlightenment. As such, we spend our lives searching every book and the every corner of the internet to find that golden piece of data that will help us understand the world or ourselves; that will help us connect with god or achieve a higher form of consciousness. But herein lies a paradox, because the truth is not hidden within books, or information or within knowledge. Truth is actually hidden in the place we least expect it; it is hidden in plain sight.
Truth is hidden in the silence.

As I mentioned before I do think there are other secrets, especially in regards to our ancient past being covered up and many other things, but I think you make a great point here that one of the most important things is not to be found externally and it can't really be "hidden" per se in the traditional sense since it is found within us, the way they do a good job of keeping us from finding it I think is keeping us drugged up, entertained, oblivious and in many cases searching externally for secrets.. You could spend your whole life searching the outer physical world and never find one of the most important things if you don't look within.

Thanks for reading. What are your thought on the subject?

You're welcome, thanks for sharing! That was an awesome presentation and I learned a few new things which is awesome! I couldn't ask for more. I think it's an import and and powerful subject and super fringe considering that I think it's what the Star Wars movies were largely based on.. The D'jedhi = The Jedi. I'm almost certain that Lucas just tweaked the language a lil bit and was pulling from ancient occult knowledge when he created his stories/movies and that much of that is not necessarily based on a Galaxy far far away, but our very own. And that maybe it's more of a story of AT LEAST PARTLY our ancient past than something as "fictional" and "fantasy" based as the majority of people believe it to be.

My only problem with your entry are the images you included which some of them are copy righted and I think you may want to take those images out and find some copyright free images to use instead.

I'm hesitant to vote for entries that use images you don't have the rights for, even in a fair use sense since this is a contest with prize money involved. It is a lil bit of a grey area since I think the images are important and help tell a story and we should be able to see them, however.. You can always link to the websites and send people to check them out on their original pages. I think it's best if you just use images you have the rights to use and if you do insist on using any of these images make sure you say it is in a "fair use" sense, though it gets a bit murky to be using fair use when money is involved.

Other than the copyright issue with the images, I think you did a fantastic job! Absolutely loved your entry and I was hoping someone would delve deep into the D'jedhi subject and help me learn something new about it and you helped me learn a few new really cool and fascinating things! Cheers leaky20! Loved it!

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I took your advice about the images and uploaded ones from Pixaby. They still are not originals by me so no need to vote for my article, but i figured that you are probably right about it being a risk. Thanks :)


Great! Glad to see it. Looks like they're all good except the Djed pillar one is still questionable. It's from a museum so you would think it'd be alright, though.. Even that website you pulled it from doesn't give a source or credit to whoever the photographer was so I'm a lil on the fence about it.
I'd like to give your entry at least one of my 3 votes for the round, but that one image still has me a bit iffy. If you remove that one I'll most likely vote for you.


I see. Yeah I figured that one would be ok because I dont think its copy written. I've seen it on multiple websites (at least 6) without an original source. I might try to change it during the week if I have time. But if I dont get around to it, dont feel obligated to vote for my article. I totally understand your concern so I wont be offended or anything like that Haha. It's not all about the votes for me, if someone appreciated the article and found it interesting, that's good enough for me :)
In the future though I'll try to only use proper images.


Understood! Thanks for the update/info in regards to that and I appreciate that your more interested in just putting out info that people appreciate or find value in rather than getting the votes! I think I would feel similar if I was in your shoes and I think that's admirable.

Whoops. I meant to post that comment on my apolymask account, oh well. Doesn't really matter.

Djedi (also Dedi or Djedi of Djed-Sneferu) is the name of a fictional ancient Egyptian magician appearing in the fourth chapter of a story told in the legendary Westcar Papyrus. He is said to have worked wonders during the reign of king (pharaoh) Khufu (4th Dynasty).