IFC Finals - First Round Tie Breaker - Show Down Time!

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Welcome to the Information Finding Championship Finals!

It's a Playoff Shoot Out (Tie Breaker) Time! There is nothing more exciting, in my opinion, then some overtime in the playoffs! I'm on the edge of my seat and I'm sure you are too!

Image Created by @bitpizza

This is a contest for the @ifc finals! Here is the official post for this quest, another Scavenger Hunt! First Round Tie Breaker

Here are the items that were requested!

Flowers 1 point
Swimming pool 1 point
Cave 1 point
Twin pillars 2 points
Spider 2 points
Shield 3 points
Dream catcher 3 points
Graffiti 3 points
Mayan or Aztec calendar 4 points
Lightning 5 points

Lets see what I can find! It was a difficult week in general and now add these unique items to the list to find! Challenge accepted! Let's see how I did. Below are my findings!


Swimming Pool!

We decided to take a trip a local cave and took a hour long tour. This is Crystal Cave. The system goes back 300 feet and some neat history! Here are a couple more pictures.
Looking back towards the entrance.

300 feet back looking back the way we came. If you look near the bottom of the image you can see a mother with her child standing below.

Twin Pillars



Dream Catcher
We picked this dream catcher up for our son on our last scavenger hunt, so it worked out perfect!

I passed by a few graffiti spots while driving, but in the end it just wasn't safe enough to stop and snap a pic. :(

Mayan or Aztec calendar
Well this was by far the hardest one to get. I was asking everyone I knew that might have one, very unsuccessful! In a last resort effort I figure I would provide the best interpretation of the calendar and would be an oreo cookie. I don't eat oreos, but a similar snack that kind of resembles the Mayan Calendar. It's circle at least?

Well unfortunately it is tough to capture lightning! It started to storm around 3AM and woke me up. The first thought I had was grab my phone and went downstairs out under the porch to try and capture a lightning bolt! I was unsuccessful at that just capturing the flashes.

Power Spot
We were also given the task to find a power spot! I was not able to get to my power spot I had in mind this week, but one of the scavenger hunt's items ended up becoming my power spot!

And for anyone curious.. A power spot is a special place where you feel extra "powerful" so to speak and in order to HOPEFULLY prevent another tie..

My Power Spot The Cave!

I will tell you this week has been rough. I got a pretty bad infection in my leg that put me off my feet a few days. The day we went to the cave was a day I was feeling better, not great but better. When we got to the cave it was a zig and a zag incline we had to walk. I was carrying my son the short, but felt long zigzag to the entrance to the cave. It was a hot day and by the time we got to the top, while resting I was second guessing myself it wasn't a good idea and we probably should have just stayed home. But I insisted (I'm stubborn) and knew once in the cave it would be much cooler and hopefully find some energy from within the Earth. Let me tell you, immediately walking out of the cave back into the heat I felt energized and refreshed! It was incredible!

There you have it my tie breaker round scavenger hunt! I didn't get it all, but gave it my best!

Keep Exploring!.jpg

Fresh Fields.png

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Showing support to a great photographer! @irvinesimages. If you enjoy this photography you may want to check out his page and show some support as well!


That cave is amazing. Also, I love me some Newman-Os (though I prefer the mint). Creative solution!

Yes to the cave! They are addicting and I'd have to try the mint kind! Sounds good.

Nice entry man! I think I'm probably in the same boat as you! Was hard for me to find some of the stuff I was looking for. Awesome though you got an entry in even with your infection and everything going on.

Thanks! Yea it was a little tough, but I enjoyed trying to find everything.

Wow, considering everything you've been through this week, you did fabulous! You can now rest, @iexplore ;)

That is a fabulous cave! The best one by far - Is it a living cave? Looks like it.

I enjoyed your post and you did indeed do your best

Thanks! Yes rest indeed! It is a living cave! We are told not to touch anything as we toured through. They take good care of it all. There's a Stalactite that they estimate to be 500,000 years old!

Isn't that just so fascinating to know that you're looking at something so incredibly old?! I was driving through Texas with my boyfriend at the time (a very long time ago) and I saw a sign on the side of the road about a cave. It was 10 miles out of our way (we were headed for New Mexico) and I just spontaneously turned us in that direction. Turned out it was a 'private cave' and so raw and rough that we had to use ropes to get down into it and flashlights to see ;) Bats were flying out, too! And OMG, it was 'ALIVE'! I had only seen pictures of caves in the past that were brown and stone colored. I had no idea that these were dead caves. The colors and the patterns in this living cave were so amazing - and yes, so incredibly delicate.

Great selection, looks like a nice cave, as far as I know we do not have any real walk-in and tour caves close to where I live. It was a fun and challenging thing to do, less pics needed, but seemed harder than the first go around.

Thank you. The cave is cool. 53F to be exact! It's natural air conditioning. I agree with you, less pics but seemed harder.

Wow you went to a real cave! That's cool! Would've gone too but I can't. 😅

And yeah it's hard to catch lightning on camera. Huhu. Had to do a video just in case one came up. And only one did come up. 😥

Hope you get well soreal on by the way.

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Yes the cave is great. They have been giving tours of these cave since the late 1800s. Can you imagine touring a cave in candle light. They said it used to take 14 hours to tour it! Lightning was impossible! Haha

14 hrs to tour! That big of a place. 😱

Wouldn't want to do that I'll just be at the mouth and half of the way in if up to me. 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Well in retrospect it's only 300 feet back!! But they only had oil lanterns and candle light. Image not seeing the deep cravases and only about a few feet in front of you. In the tour the turn the lights off and you can't see your hand in front of your face. And the light of oil laterns and candles don't provide much! Crazy to think.

yay IE! good luck and i hope the diagnosis passes and you are 100 healthy! blessings, eagle

Good luck to you too! Thanks for your kind words! Definitely feeling better!

A valiant effort my friend! I'm impressed you kept on despite the adversity. And unfortunately you didn't win or get enough points for the power spot to help, I'm glad you didn't risk getting the graffiti if you didn't feel safe. This is just a game and it's not worth risking your health or life. And.. It wouldn't have been enough either. Artgirl ended up having 20 more points, you would have had to get the graffiti the power spot and a couple others. Oh well. It's a bummer cause you're one of my favorite players and I would have liked to see you win, but that's how it goes sometimes! I hope you consider playing again next season. :) Also.. I hope you didn't get the mysterious health issue from playing our game somehow.. I dunno if it happened before you got started? Or during? But.. That's a bummer to see. Hope you heal up quickly! And thanks for playing in the game and being such an important part of the community in general. :) <3

PS That cave looks like a really cool spot!

20 more points! Great job! I didn't even count points to see, but that's awesome! And yes a little bit of a bummer not moving forward but that how games work!! It has been such a great community to be a part of and I'm glad I am able to contribute to the IFC in any way I can. You all really make this something special and for myself to enjoy and be a proud part of. It is so neat to watch it grow and meet the awesome people involved! Good luck to the participants, I'll be cheering you all on the way to the champion! And I'll be getting ready for season 2!

If we ever have to do lightning again, consider doing a video... and then using VLC on a computer to go frame by frame and screenshot the good one! That's what I tried to do...

Yea that's a screenshot from a video! hehe. I wasn't pointing the right direction and was not going to out into the pouring rain. ha! It's hard!

At least you had a thunderstorm! It's been annoyingly perfect sunny weather here...

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