IFC finals - first round - Entry

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Hello IFC Competitors! Here is my entry to the first round of the IFC playoffs!

For this round we were given the challenge of a scavenger hunt! The following list was requested by the council of IFC:

  1. Clouds 1 point
  2. Animal 1 point
  3. Pyramid 1 point
  4. Garden 1 point
  5. Plush toy 1 point
  6. Guitar 1 point
  7. Bridge 1 point
  8. Gold coin 2 points
  9. Star 2 points
  10. Tattoo 2 points
  11. Reflection 2 points
  12. Mask 3 points
  13. Rainbow 3 points
  14. Crystal 3 points
  15. Castle 4 points
  16. Wizard hat 4 points
  17. Alien/UFO 5 points

Here are the images requested:



Animal! Takoda! And his sister's nose! hehe!


Pyramid! This was a tough one! I was driving home from work and I pass this place all the time!! Hoped off the expressway and found my way to the roof shaped like a pyramid!




Plush Toy! My son LOVES frogs right now! He won this at a carnival game!




Bridge! And Reflection? Not too sure if that would count?


Gold Coin!


Star! UFO!


Reflection with our Star! :) And clouds!




Rainbow! Clouds and Reflection!






Wizard Hat!


Alien! + Mask! Shhh. I've had this guy up in my attic for the past 3 years after his craft crashed landed in my yard. I've never shared before, please don't notify authorities!


This was a lot of fun. When we were out searching we found a new holistic/yogo/meditation store which was awesome! And that bridge...The last time I saw that bridge I was just a child more then 20 years ago. That was the first place I remember fishing at a fishing rodeo. Not that I fish anymore, but it was a really neat feeling being there with my son. :)

Good luck to all the competitors!

Keep Exploring!.jpg

Fresh Fields.png

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i think it's awesome you found a UFO!!!!! and your little secrets safe here lol!

This took longer then what I wanted, but I had a blast trying to get all the items. I even called my neighbors to see if they had anything! hehe.

Nice to see you got it in I was waiting for yours! It was fun to get out and go hunting for stuff..super cool that that's the first time you've been to that bridge in forever!

Yes! It took a few days, but I managed! It looks like a lot of folks had fun on this one.

Most people have got it done too so thats pretty awesome! So far my opponent hans't...might have an easy route to the FINAL 8 LOL!

Cool alien mask, and the UFO looks just fine. How did it taste?

Cool alien mask,
And the UFO looks just
Fine. How did it taste?

                 - bashadow

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It does taste delightful, but I'll admit I came home with a different pack! ;)

Great job @iexplore. Did you keep the old alien autopsy footage?

A matter of fact, I did.. Here you go.


Lol, awesome.

Hurray you got 'em all! 👍

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Yes! I didn't think I was going to get a couple, but I had a couple Ah Ha moments and found them!

A real UFO! Good one!

I just officially went through your post and it looks like you got them all! Nice job! That's cool you got to see a place you remembered from when you were younger and had some memories! :D Cute puppy and puppy nose! Lol. UFO beer?! Awesome!
Thanks for playing and also thanks again for giving my father a mention as well. :) Glad you had fun and good luck in the rest of the contest!
Oh and.. The alien part at the end! Lol..

Alien! + Mask! Shhh. I've had this guy up in my attic for the past 3 years after his craft crashed landed in my yard. I've never shared before, please don't notify authorities!

Haha! No worries. Your secret is safe with us. I have questions about your alien friend though! ._.

this is soo adorbs, starting with the look on your pups face. what is that a photo of for the gold coin? was that at a coin shop?
i love the alien face mask, cool looking and weird. the ufo is very creative and cool. great entries! :)

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