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RE: IFC S2R1 - If the Universe Is So Big and Old, Where are All the Aliens?

in #ifc4 years ago

Great first entry!

So it is our responsibility to keep intelligence alive, colonize the stars, and to do anything and everything in our power to continue our existence. Dying off now may mean that nobody will ever figure out how the universe works, and that is a sad thought.

Let's hope that we can continue to learn so that that doesn't happen. It really is a sad thought to think. All these years within the universe would have been ultimately for nothing at all...


Thank you! It really would be a sad outcome. Luckily I don't see too many possibilities where every human gets erradicated.

NASA just announced plans to put a base on the moon, and with the way SpaceX is looking, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a mars base in the next 50 years. Both will significantly increase our survival chamces if we can get them big enough to be independant from earth.

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