KingCasino-licensed cryptocurrency online casino site in curacao!

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The gambling industry is attracting more and more people. Each of us would like to earn a large amount of money just by relying on luck. This industry increases its turnover by 10-15% every year. A great advantage in the development of this industry is the development of the Internet community. Now there is no need to go to any gambling establishments, because everything is available online, you just need to make a couple of clicks.

However, we should not forget that the sphere of gambling is associated with great risks and difficulties. Despite all the difficulties, people continue to be interested in this topic and the number of such people is growing. Now this topic has become even more relevant, when many people lost their earnings due to the coronavirus pandemic. I think that now is the best time to dive into the field of online gambling. The gambling industry has many problems. This is due to illegality, unfair winnings and problems with money withdrawal. All these problems negatively affect the growth of the online gaming market. Many players leave this sphere after coming across scams and dishonest gaming platforms.

To solve all these problems, the development team created the KingCasino project.


King Casino is the world's first licensed decentralized online casino based on Blockchain technology. The use of this technology allows the founders of the project to conduct their activities legally, honestly and transparently. Also, the use of blockchain technology makes the platform safe for users. This is very important in our time, when there are a lot of dishonest Internet platforms. More than 1000 slot machines and all the most popular gambling games will be available to users on the platform.

The project has a large number of advantages, which can include the ability to earn income from the platform's profits. Holders of the project's internal tokens will get this opportunity. They will be able to receive up to 45% of the profit with the help of the project's partner program. Token holders will also receive dividends for each quarter.


The internal token of the platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 130 million coins will be issued of which 69.5 million will be allocated for sale. With an initial value of 1 KCT coin from 0.5 to 1 dollar, depending on the stage of a particular round. The development team also made a decision that allows them to once again stimulate the growth of the value of their coins by burning them quarterly. Each quarter, developers will burn up to 5% of their KCT tokens from all coins. This should have a positive effect on the growth of the coin's exchange rate.

I believe that the KingCasino project will be able to attract a large audience because the team of specialists has tried to improve the relationship between the system and its user as much as possible. The project eliminates the most important problems that are inherent in this industry. Thanks to this, players can not only play, but also win as honestly as possible, and also become part of a large affiliate program. I remind you that my articles are informative. For more information, please follow the links below.


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Take into consideration. The project deserves a more detailed study on my part!

Thanks for the constructive review of the project)

Great article, thank you!

Thanks for the information, I have not heard about the project before

I think the project will find its fans, thanks for the information.

One of the good options today. I really liked the concept of the project

I have already found a good enough online casino and where I was able to bet stably.

I myself am now looking for a good casino, such as one where you do not have to make deposits. I am looking for a New Zealand casino, so it would be convenient to withdraw money later. Have you had this experience?

s, I also originally looked at no deposit casinos to get a feel for them. But firstly I have to look for proven options, because there are too many cheaters now. And there are not too many no deposit casinos. Yes, and bonuses are also different. To do this

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