AXEL IEO will be live in two days on ProBit!

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Almost two years in the making but AXEL kept their promise and it's now time to go forward with the IEO. They said they won't be going public without a working product and now, when the IPFS pinning facility
is up and running and more products on the way, they seem to be set to get some serious funding from this IEO and move forward with their ambitious goals - to change the internet and bring privacy back to the users.


Some important IEO info:

1 AXEL = 0.2 USD

15% Bonus for PROB

10% Bonus for USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP

Softcap 100,000 USD

Hardcap 1,000,000 USD

Date 2019-08-12 05:00 (GMT+2)

All other relevant info can be found here.

This is one of those that you probably don't want to miss because it is very rare to see a company entering an IEO phase AFTER they released a working product. Apart from that, AXEL has always been focused on user privacy, something we are lacking in the online world for a couple of years now.


Woah.. They built a product on top of IPFS itself or is this a separate network from IPFS?

There's so much ICO and IEO going on right now that it's so hard to judge. Even read right now, @coingecko is tracking like 1000+ ICO/STO/IEO and others.

Unless investors are there for long term growth, I won't be so quick to jump in.

Even projects like Algorand that is so hyped got pushed down by as much as -68%.

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The IPFS pinning facility is ready to use for storage purposes and is just one of many products they are working on. They already have an app that is used by 2mil+ users in the play store and a number of masternode owners who already got in early and are supporting the IPFS network.

I'm not saying it's a safe bet, nothing is, but out of all the projects I have been looking into over the past few years, this is the one that has gone far with development and delivered a product before asking for funding. More than enough for me to contribute with a small investment.

You can find more info here if you are interested.

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