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► Project objective

In straightforward words, iOWN could be a unique blockchain platform, the vital motive of that is to make new secure, non-public surroundings for each entrepreneur and everyone and various UN agency desires to require section in mass crowdfunding.

What's the which suggests that? The construct of iOWN is natural, the sole intention pursued with the help of the creators,therefore it's the emergence of a replacement, compelling industrial enterprise atmosphere within the world, the place every amateur or existing enterpriser is going to be in an exceeding position to urge steerage in their endeavours — having secured not alone unimaginable and sophisticated instrumentation but conjointly a bright, most dependable and safe atmosphere.


► Principle and advantages

It turns out that this entire thought will notably simplify all procedures, while qualitatively upgrading the historical classic tools. Which I assume is quite logical, given the modern-day tempo of growth and development of technology. Moreover, this technology will permit them to join directly to distinct innovators with practicable investors. That is, all individuals in this market will, in the end, locate the very long-awaited freedom of choice and action. The result of which will be wonderful and conscientious endeavour on each side. Entrepreneurs will, in the end, locate full funding for their initiatives for their also improvement and scaling. And investors will find a reliable start-up project, the improvement of which will be a pleasure.



► Token

As for the interior token, the entirety is straightforward. The interior image of the venture will be expressed as iOWN token, the complete quantity of parties in 450 million units. The starting charge for one coin will be 0.01 dollars.
The distribution of the cash will be as follows:

IEO launchpad Latoken Launchpad
Price 1 iOWN = 0.01 USD
Soft cap 1.200,000 USD
Hard cap 3.000,000 USD

hawk token.png


► Final words

Of course, to determine the advantages personally, you need to get acquainted with the undertaking in extra element in practice. So now you have a special possibility to locate out greater facts about the mission until the last product of iOWN was released.



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