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Introduction and General Review

The ease and simplicity of exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies have grown significantly and there are presently a high number of exchange platforms, with new exchanges also paving their way to prominence hence, making the cryptocurrency market more attractive. Notwithstanding the risks associated with many exchange platforms, especially the new ones, some of them are believed to be the future of trading. One of these trading platforms is the Optimus Exchange, which is designed to provide the most favourable trading environment to traders.

Optimus exchange is a trading platform that sets the traders in charge of all their activities and ensures they have the best trading experience. Optimus exchange offers traders the opportunity to trade large volumes of cryptocurrencies and gets their equivalents as quickly as possible. The Optimus exchange also has its cryptocurrency which is significantly instrumental for trading activities on the platform, the Optimus exchange token is represented as OPTX.

Token Information

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The OPTX is the centre of the Optimus Exchange. The total amount of OPTX in supply s 10,000,000,000,000 OPTX. The US dollar equivalent of the OPTX token is 0.000000001USD/OPTX. The OPTX token has a marker that is majorly utilized in Optimus sharing in various ways. The token (OPTX) will be utilized both by projects listed on the exchange and also by traders to pay for their trading fees. The OPTX can be earned, purchased and sold, its worth will be determined by the traders.

The OPTX token is an NTP1 token developed on the Neblio blockchain. OPTX tokens are also rewarded to traders who engage in the Optimus beta trading program and also those who refer other traders to the exchange platform. OPTX tokens are also gifted to traders during promotional campaigns.

Optimus Exchange Features:

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Optimus Exchange has an excellent framework that firmly supports the activities of traders. The following are features on the exchange:

Exchange Volume: This is one of the distinct features of the Optimus exchange. The exchange volume on the exchange is remarkably impressive for a new exchange platform.

Warranty: The use of the Optimus exchange for trading offers a guarantee to the traders. The OPTX token value is stored with the trader and this position grants the trader reduced exchange costs, as well as other trading advantages. Optimus exchange also provides insurance to traders in a bid to limit leaking stock and avoid the removal of markers.

Specially designed Referral System: The Optimus exchange referral system has an integrated level 3 referral program.

This grants exciting rewards to traders who refer new members from a percentage of their trading fees. The reward percent for the three different levels are level 1 – 25%, level 2 – 15%, and level 3 – 10%.

Recent Updates on Optimus Exchange:


• Optimus Exchange is actively adding new crypto currencies. You can monitore the listed crypto currencies on their exchange platform.

• Optimus Exchange has a live airdrop ongoing, where you can earn up to 24$ in OPTX tokens, without a need to complete KYC. You can find all information in their telegram channel.

• Optimus Exchange is now open for Beta testers with a great rewarding programme. You can earn around 70 million OPTX tokens per person. Full details on their Beta testing page.

If you would like to be up to date with the latest news from Optimus Exchange, here are some useful links:

Website: https://optimus.exchange

Beta testing page: https://optimus.exchange/beta-program/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExchangeOptimus

Telegram: https://t.me/optimus_exchange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OptimusExchange/

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