Ask Me Anything(AMA) with ABCC: Summary.

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Link to Membrana’s IEO page on ABCC:

May 30th financial blockchain platform Membrana held an Ask Me Anything session with ABCC exchange. From Membrana’s side there were 2 advisors: Paresh Masani — an ex-Executive Director of Goldman Sachs’ Global Investment Research and Abunassar Anthony — expert from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Special gust was EXCAVO — #1 trader at TradingView.
Here are the most interesting questions:

Q: What is Membrana? Is membrana a working product?
A: Membrana is Blockchain Platform, which provides users from all around the world a safe and reliable tool to work on multiple financial markets and earn profits with no borders possible. 
It is a transparent, blockchain-based ecosystem to trade and to conclude contracts for trust management.

Q: So, what I really would like to know is new tokenomics of MBN token that you said you developed. Can you please share more info regarding that?
A: Regarding new tokenomics — we’ve made a significant improvement in MBN use-cases. Right now it also provide access to “Community Operated Fund” and what is most interesting — it grants STACKING rewards for users holding Membrana tokens.

Q: What is the unique features of Membrana and any similar competitor in the industry?
A: Membrana provides services for trading and trust management. The competitors are Tokenized funds and Social trading platforms. But difference is that Membrana provides secure and transparent way for trusting your access based on smart-contracts.

Q: Where can we trade through Membrana platform?
A: You can trade any tokens on:
- Binance 
- Huobi
- Bittrex

Q: Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
A: Main competitors are: Iconomi, Melonport, Genesis Vision, Blockport.
Those companies operate as Tokenized funds or Social trading platforms, which has various vulnerabilities for investors.
Our algorithm is based on p2p connection between investor and trader, which is secured by smart-contract technology. Everything is transparent, all results and trading activity can be verified with blockchain. Multiple unique tools for managing assets that are not possible in the different technical solution.

Q: What kind of marketing will you go through to promote your platform and its token utility?
A: There are many steps. For current stage our main goal is collaboration with traders to start ambassador program. 
Although, usual marketing like: google, tradingview, Facebook, wechat, etc

Q: Which geographic regions are you focusing on and why?
A: Traders — are global 
Users — are global
But bias towards Asia currently

Q: Where will the tokens for staking reward come from? will you have something like staking fund behind the project?
A:Yes, we have a Community Operated Fund for this goals. Additionally to token rewards, there will be BTC rewards.

Q: Will you ever move away from Ethereum blockchain?
A: We already finished work with EOS smart-contracts. May be we will work with Binance chain.

Q: How does reward system works?
A: Stacking works as POS. You hold tokens on the wallet — and receive the rewards.

Q: When moon?
A: Moon landing is scheduled on 17th June with listing on ABCC

Q: I follow EXCAVO on trading view and I like his predictions. What is his involvement with membrana?
A: He is our expert in trading. He provides feedback to improve the platform for better user experience.

Q: Guys, i wanna ask about trading competition. When you will be rewording the traders with tokens earned by points? And what will be the price of token in usd for that?
A: Competition will end after IEO. The rewards will be done based on a public price, but with mild vesting schedule. Please follow official news in Membrana telegram group.

Q: Can membrana reach melon pot status
A: Yes, of course. We have huge plans on growing and working with different financial markets

Q: Any mainnet plan?
A: We will launch final release in october this year! It will be a huge impact to the market price

Q: Do you think the staking rewards will prevent the price from dump too much once it will be listed ?
A: Yes, this is exactly how it will work. People can hold MBN tokens and receive profit not only in MBN, but also in BTC

Q: How many core team members do you have?
A: Team have 11 full time members and lots of part-time, like designers, brand-managers and hired companies

Q: How does COF works?
A: You send you tokens to smart-contract and receive access for bigger amount of assets. Works like leverage, but with any exchanges

Q: How is stacking reward calculated?
A: The reward is calculated as a: Personal reward = Total reward / Personal share in stacking pool BTC payment comes from COF operation profit and from IEO. 10% of COF profit will be used for rewarding and 5% of money, attracted during IEO on ABCC, will be distributed for users, who apply for stacking level 2. Rewards are sended to users every week, on monday. Size of stacking rewards have a schedule, based on timeline.

Q: If I will break the rules of staking during the first stage is it possible to join to the second stage? or to be at the second stage I must join first?
A: You can join stacking from any stage!

IEO starts in June 3rd at 12:00 PM (UTC+8)

Bonuses: 12% for the first 10mln MBN
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