Dear ADAB Solution Community!

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We are pleased to announce that on June 10, the start of trading our token on the Bit-M exchange.

Bit-M will open trading market for ADAB/BTC trading pair.
Deposit Time: 2019.06.10 15:00 (GMT+8).
Trading Time: 2019.06.12 15:00 (GMT+8).
Withdraw Time: 2019.06.14 15:00 (GMT+8).

listing bit-m.jpg

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Good project and should buy some tokens from ieo.

Finally the ADAB Solutions is listing on Bit-M exchange, a leading crypto exchange. The best project will get a success and reach the moon over time.

The main unique task of the ADAB charitable foundation will be to support orphans, an educational mission, search for talented children and help them to obtain a quality education in the field of IT.

Besides its promise of bringing reforms in crypto exchange, the ADAB Solutions has also engaged in humanitarian work which is phenomenal itself and has set itself from other crypto exchanges.

This is what I call keeping to your word, a lot of persons will come to believe in this project, happily supporting Adabs, the best is yet to come.

the original idea is impressive, but on the way to success you are waiting for a lot of difficulties, I've been following the project for quite some time and I see your serious approach, I think you'll manage to realize what you have conceived, I wish you good luck

Great news, I wish you all a great profit and good luck!

This is great. Exchange listing update for Adab solutions. Great and timely

This is Very Good News for the Whole Cryptocurrency World !.. The Adab Solutions Project is a Successful Community of Talented People creating a Unique Platform based on High Moral Values. I look forward to launching the FICE Cryptocurrency Exchange !..

The project once again pleased me with great news. I look forward to opening a bid. I have no doubt that only success and big profits will be ahead.

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