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Cryptocurrency is a decentralized funding method that does not capitalize on the financial institution to authenticate businesses and transactions. It is an associated system that can enable anyone, in any area, to deliver and secure payments.
Cryptocurrency has gained its strength due to the fact that it uses a cryptographer to confirm transactions. which means: the treatment developed relates to participating in peer-to-peer monetary data hoarding and transfer within wallets in addition to popular purchase registers. The purpose of the cryptographer is to equip warranty and security.
The fundamental decentralized finance was Bitcoin, which came into being in 2009 and it is the best recognized so far.

What is DisCas?
DisCas DAO is an inventive conversation environment that means to tackle disputable issues and adapt conclusions. Without precedent for the world, we gave term Social Pedia for this application. Social Pedia is another term that we made, it has a comparative framework as web-based entertainment, yet without making a channel bubble additionally has a type of revenue through dark applauds rather than an advertisement. A one of a kind benefit of DisCas is to make issues as speculation articles and everybody gets the opportunity to adapt their perspective, giving society the best arrangement.

DisCas DAO is making the stage to teach clients and get a sense of ownership with a more educated society; fueled by a solid will and cooperative attitude helped by our most exceptional and astute frameworks of capacity. The environment will bring networks, understudies, financial backers, customers, internet business, voyagers, visit specialists, property specialists, business, media, organizations even the public authority together to interface.

Vision of discas
Our vision is to carry individuals to have an effect on their nation or society by diminishing polarization and riches and pay disparity, estimated utilizing the Gini proportion. Later on, DisCas expected to raise numerous smart powerhouses who can spread the positive effect on society. Be that as it may, talking about weighty themes, yet additionally coordinated to fun points for amusement purposes. It is additionally trusted that the aftereffects of the conversations at DisCas will fill in as a kind of perspective for chiefs.

The ecosystem will bring networks, understudies, financial backers, customers, online business, voyagers, visit specialists, property specialists, business, media, organizations even the public authority together to interface. We accept that innovation should come brilliantly, so in the first stage our application will be off-chain to infiltrate numerous clients, then, at that point, continuously carry out Blockchain, Web3, NFT, DeFi, DAO, and AI. The group will continually carry out new updates with better approaches for token utility so the symbolic will turn out to be increasingly more helpful over the long haul.

DisCas Ecosystem


News Trade ™: Transform questionable issues into computerized resource.

NFT Opinion ™: Adapt the assessment by DeFi strategy.

Remark to Earn: Dazzle individuals to procure dark applauds.

Solicitation to DisCuss: DAO strategy to raise the issues.

Rewards: Recover token for different advantages.

Installment Gateway: Make buying crypto more straightforward.

B2C Survey: Assemble more confidence in the public eye.

DisCas Capital: Put resources into expected projects.

DisCas Blockchain: Growing the biological system.

Political decision Platform: Improved on the Elections anyplace.

Features of DISCAS Ecosystem


DISCAS envisioned to take social media to another level and change it from the way it use to be . Below are the highlight of the features which users will enjoy in Discas innovative social interaction ecosystem .

(i) Discas News Trade:

This is quite uncommon feature in the history of social media ecosystem . Discas will be offering this breakthrough feature to monetize activities and ensure users are being rewarded for their activities in the platform . Tangible opinions are being monetized in the platform . This encourage users to raise meaningful opinions and earn monetary rewards for engaging in this.

(ii) Controversial Issues are turned into Digital Assets :

Discas has create this possibility . Trending and controversial issues are turned into digital assets which users can turn into cash .

(iii) Comment To Earn :

This feature in Discas Platform will allow the ecosystem users to earn while they are commenting or the hot discussion in the forum . As mentioned earlier, Dicus make the social interaction platform more fun and rewarding. Users are encourage to actively engage in the ecosystem by rewarding theme for their engagement in the platform .

(iv) Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) :

Discas offers Decentralized Autonomous Organization where issued and conflict are being resolved. This is one of the key aspect of the ecosystem. Unlike some existing Decentralized ecosystem where decision making and policy making are strictly taken by the team , Discas allows decision making and policy formulation in the platform handled by the members of the community . This is carried out in the DAO section of the platform through voting system . Holders of the Discas token can vote in support or against a proposal in the platform .

The Disk Token Sale
We are glad to declare our private symbolic deal, beginning at present. The primary target of our private symbolic deal is to join key partners and local area individuals from the DisCas biological system that can assist with extending the DisCas network in a significant manner by framing a gauge for a solid symbolic economy. The DisCas DAO ($DISC), image: d’ is utilized to drive the DisCas Ecosystem as the local token. The symbolic will primarily be utilized as a utility token in the applications. Both undertaking starters and financial backers will have different advantages like limits and premium access.

Exchange Listing
After the private symbolic deal, we will guarantee that the Disk token is accessible for buy by the overall population by means of both concentrated and decentralized trades. Circle will be recorded at an underlying cost of $0.08 in DEX (Decentralized Exchange). If it’s not too much trouble, have confidence that we will put a more noteworthy spotlight on giving a fluid market to the Disk token from the very beginning.

$DISC Tokenomy


To fund the development of the project, to date DisCas has remained steadfast in its goal of creating and supporting a blockchain ecosystem for everyone.

Meanwhile, the allocation of funds is detailed as follows:

4,000,000 (4%) for Seed Sales
4,000,000 (8%) for Personal Sales
7,000,000 (7%) for Presale
7,000,000 (7%) for General Sales
7,000,000 (7%) for Liquidity Pool
6,000,000 (6%) for Marketing
15,000,000 (15%) for Bet

12,000,000 (12%) for Team
4,000,000 (4%) for Advisor
10,000,000 (10%) for Partnership
14,000,000 (14%) for Project Development, and
10,000,000 (10%) for the Treasury Fund
$DISC Release

Investment Potential

A token with many utilities. Owning $DISC makes it easier for you to talk, monetize opinions, earn more profits, promote your business, get discounts on travel, shopping, properties and more prizes to come

The platform enables to attract people to take a real social responsibility for a more informed society; powered by a strong will and collaborative mindset. Make an impact on society by reducing polarization, wealth and income inequality.

Q1 2022
Company Registration
App Launch in Metaverse
Press Release (Indonesia)
Website Development
White Paper
Social Media Setup
Private Sale & AMA
Q2 2022
IDO & Launchpad
Techrate Audit
Press Release (Global)
KOL Marketing
More Partnership
DEX Listing
CG & CMC Listing
Logo at Web3 Wallet
Q3 2022
Community Giveaway
Stacking Rewards
Farming Rewards
Partnership with Media
Universities Marketing
Referral Contest
Global Marketing
Certik Audit
Financial Institution Permit
CEX Listing (7 CEXs)
Implement AI in App
Features Improvement
Q4 2022
Huge User Penetrations
Soft Marketing
Partnership with Institutions
New Roadmap
Q1 2023
Partnership Microsoft(Mesh)
CEX Listing (5 CEXs)
App Launch (Global)
DApps Launch (Web3 Version)
Blockchain Implementation
DAO Implementation
NFT Activation
DeFi Activation
B2C Activation
Q2 2023
Payment Gateway
DisCas V2 (Exchange Version)
Q3 2023
DisCas Capital
DisCas Foundation
Q4 2023
Blockchain Development
Election Platform (Beta)

For more information, please visit:
Website : https://discas.io/
APP LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=id.discas.app
Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11SnBWP-HIvRrI3x1gEI0PlZmU_2X19_A/view?usp=sharing
Twitter : https://twitter.com/discas_dao
Telegram : https://t.me/discas_en
Medium : https://medium.com/@discas.dao
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/discas-vision/mycompany/
Instagram : https://instagram.com/discas.io
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsejG1DscXHHYBu-d0JlIPw


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