IDMONEY : The Premium Crypto Governance Model and IDM Tokens

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Hello crypto enthusiasts, today we will introduce a promising and innovative project that presents the contemporary social, public and global crypto governance model based on the blockchain technology. IDMoney as the sole human development token network creates a decentralized software utilizing blockchain-powered tokens as the public cryptocurrency. 

The project will enable the IDMoney ownership of the local municipalities that will foster the further development of the institutional governance and adoption of the latest technologies. IDMoney will be adopted and used by the three specific local municipalities that will bring about the further advancement of the project and GLOBAL MONEY software building a universal government society. Having the characteristic of the decentralized currency, GLOBAL MONEY will enable the individual administration of the information and finance providing an advanced governance model thanks to its smart contract-powered sophisticated technology. Therefore, individuals will enjoy the world bank-like decentralized global model and its amazing services. How will all of these be possible? Thanks to the unique social, public and global governance model based on the blockchain technology, IDMoney will present cryptocurrency wallet for all to provide an opportunity for the local improvement and individual development. 

As we mentioned before, IDMoney’s unique model will be social, public and global at the same time. Firstly, IDMoney will have the characteristic of being social because the model and the platform will be developed thanks to the joint effort of participants who will use the IDMoney App. Also, local institutions will play a vital role in the project, because they will benefit from the features of the IDMoney for their development and empowerment of citizens, and participants will have the opportunity to carry self-sovereign existence because of their blockchain-powered wallets. Moreover, IDMoney ensures that IDMoney crypto tokens will be shared with the people who suffer from the starvation and poverty, so naturally, IDMoney will bring about various benefits for all the elements of the society being social in nature. Secondly, IDMoney will have the characteristic of being public since it will establish strong ties between local institutions and the citizens. Most importantly, IDMoney wallet will generate wealth for all the participants because it will not only be a value storage wallet but also be the “Money Making Wallet.” Lastly, IDMoney will be global in nature. Starting from the small number of municipalities, the services, and utilities of the platform will be expanded step by step. In the end, IDMoney will successfully reach the final target that is the existence of the universal government society where sovereign individuals live and adoption of the decentralized multinational cryptocurrency.  

To initiate the project, IDMoney will select three local municipalities supporting them with IDM tokens and IDM team for the local-level development as well as individual level empowerment. Therefore, IDMoney team will be able to assess the unique governance model, software, and the outcomes before moving onto more extensive levels and further adoption. During these steps, the project will be supported by the Drupal platform and talents of the community. 

Furthermore, to achieve the ultimate goal of the local development and the emergence of self-sovereign citizens, IDMoney introduces various services and products. The IDMoney presents the IDMoney Game App as the sophisticated interaction device for all the participants because users will be able to communicate with other crypto community members playing games. Also, IDMoney supports educational, instructional and amusing software tools that will facilitate the further socio-economic development of the society, so IDMoney introduces the as an example of the educational tool. Moreover, IDMoney introduces the IDMoney Money Making Wallet backed by open source blockchain technology. Users will be able to protect their individual information, set the permission terms as they wish, execute transactions, control IDM tokens and store various cryptocurrencies. They will also take advantage of the private info and document storage feature of the IDMoney’s great smart wallet. 

IDMoney participants will also enjoy having the self-sovereign identity within the platform because they will be able to store their personal information and ensure its confidentiality. They will be able to exchange their data within the platform, and institutions will have to pay the fee to gain access to personal info. IDMoney offers a sophisticated technology based on the blockchain technology guaranteeing the ID theft prevention, credit fraud, financial fraud and title fraud prevention, and inherence protection.       

IDMoney permanently will establish trustworthy systems for the further adoption of its unique governance model and development of the software. Shareholders of the IDMoney will play the vital role in making decisions and execution of them. IDMoney underlines the significance of the collaboration management to achieve the ultimate goals, so IDMoney utilizes the Drupal Content Management Systems. In the end, IDMoney will enable the existence of advanced municipalities and human empowerment eliminating the inequalities and global poverty with the help of the blockchain technology and community power.   


Token Sale 

IDMoney offers IDM IDMoney tokens. Visit to be part of the IDMoney Revolution!  

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