Ideology is Augmented Reality

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A quote from Slovaj Zizek frames the question of what do we know and how do we know it. Epistemology. Our frame of reference is orientated by the values, systems, and creeds we are born into, become habitual, and for most of us will believe in most if not all of our lives. As tribally orientated we fall into the us vs. them conundrum, where logically we are all "Us"es and Thems at the same time, yet to protect our own interests we perpetuate the fight, it is micro level ecology even though we know better. The world is populated with wonderful plurality and diversity, yet we all cling to a narrow view of how society should be, often with these views being manipulated by special and private interests. We have the science, societal experience, and rational and humane knowledge to know better, but primitive thinking and fear hold us back. Our ideology is an illusion we cling to in a confusing world. It is an arrow we follow doggedly, but for another it is the spear they run from in terror.

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