What's it mean to be Aggroed?

in identity •  3 years ago

My handle is Aggroed.

I'm an activist.

I wasn't born this way.  I lived a nice quiet life, in a nice quiet town, with a nice quiet family, going to nice private schools.  I should love the system.

I don't love the system.

I woke up and realized that government is broken, money is broken, religion is broken, and my viewpoints regarding all of it was broken.

In World of Warcraft you can choose an avatar and that avatar wanders around.  If you move to close to a monster that would otherwise not bother you then you have aggroed it.  It means you have taken it out of it's peaceful existence and as it awakes it attacks you.

I was passively asleep obeying the system until it woke me up.  Now I've been aggroed.  Now I'm Aggroed.

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WOW, what a great post.

U R a Dangerous MOFO