The placebo effect of nocebo is when a harmless

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he placebo effect of nocebo is when a harmless substance acts like I also and bad words can destroy your very best cherished dreams and intentions In addition, a very favorable communication with people who have not achieved success in the film The success of the ancient Scandinavians of Scandinavia was believed to have been found by the king, the great mental and physical abilities of the spiritual leader by the character of the warrior who repeatedly defeated in the battles so now Find from your king your strong man follows go to him and so to speak to take an example from him and in every way copy his behavior you need to have some kind of example in the form of a person who achieved success to have his king this really strongly supports and If in your environment there is a strong person who seems to you in some way a model of imitation if there is a positive happy healthy people try to stay close to them and foresee the question But if everyone will communicate with the successful then everywhere unsuccessful will not remain friends there is no thi