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The problem :

Social media

The problems with social media :

Profile verification, retention in accordance with FISA, too little information when posts are reported, international law compliance, communication with law enforcement, insecurity in website infrastructure making it vulnerable to hack, propaganda, failure to foresee problematic occurrences due to pioneer phase development of the internet as a whole.

The solution :

Start from scratch, outsource and own code rather than crowdsource, build an advanced website to categorize user profiles so that only those allowed to see can see where allowances are of consideration, charge a fee to initiate account creation, verify identity (everyone has a verified profile!), establish avenues that consider report filing & create actions for report responses to reach the appropriate authorities, build a foundation that can plan the enabling of monetization for imprint reach & engagements, create interactive application that can assist by jurisdiction and or localization to alert localized areas of events/disasters/public notices, develop a multiple of companies under a parent company that can balance all avenues needed considering service provider needs that require person presence (Call us and talk to a representative that’s employed to serve the conglomerate that is Bongpingo.)

What is the impact?

The resulting action of creating a smarter brand of social media websites and applications can create an impact by offering viable valuable information in search categorizations that apply various forms of use elected by account holders verified to ensure the identity of account holders is known. Where identity fraud may attempt breach the system. Those problems may be solved promptly upon discovery by applications of advancement in operations that can be assisted by advancing ideals on legislation. Once the Bongpingo network is created its aspects of identity can assist governance in compliance over various forms of compliance mechanics.

What is Compliance Mechanics?

If we consider Bongpingo’s boarder identity offering categorization of profile type. A color is given to a profile. A child is given Red. Anyone that is legally classified as a child must have a partial entity or guardian use the verification process to establish their own identity. The parental account or adult civilian account is given a Green boarder and activated upon completion. A Green account can build a public figure page with artist identity that sustains forms of anonymity that are acceptable practices, request to assist in the building of jurisdiction pages or localized pages (No more Page that is about a park where your kids play. But, the administrator is unknown. Creating a potential for anonymous conversations between localized area pages and just about anyone.) apply the view ability of their own profile with content rating types (Movies have to rate their content; “Why doesn’t social media content come with a rating?”) A user can create an advanced profile page that applies compliance considering who is able to view the content. The variable offers Green users with the ability to apply page creation that aims to comply with legal applications. Whereas, a Red profile cannot view a blue profile because it’s domain has been created to distribute graphic content that’s not suitable for all audiences.

Memorial pages : We don’t know when the day will arrive. But, we know that social media accounts may be considerable as inheritable properties. Whether to sustain a memorial page or delete its contents should be based upon the election of the inheriting estate executor provided with obligation to carry out the last wishes of one to have perished. Memorial pages can be given a boarder of Gray identifying their previous owner has perished, and is being sustained by their inherited owner whom can be identified. When additional posts alert to anniversaries a name tag of account manager can be applied. It’s the responsibility of the account manager to continue any maintenance fees that may be called for to support the servicing and further facilitating of the website.

How can Bongpingo profit and afford to be sustained?

Fees earned through identification processing are the first avenue of profit. Applying identity application with login results in a small fee that will assist the identity verification process. Establishment of various other pages considering multicolored pages will also apply a small fee. Transfer of tip to post can begin to identify crypto currency aspects where fees for transfer are of consideration. Advertisement banner spaces. Sponsorship branding marriages that conjoin in a relationship that cross threads brands into the Bongpingo network.

How much would you pay to have a site that secured you and your entire family the Bongpingo way?

Claim the reward that covers the verification process resulting in a single profile on Bongpingo. $10

Claim the reward that covers the verification process and allows for the creation of 3 additional profiles for family members or children $20


This is my original text and intellectual property released on VK

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