Post Raffle #1

in idea •  last year

So I have had an idea, and while it's a little heavy handed it may be alright. The basis is upvote this post and you get a chance to win the SBD reward from it. Why this should even interest you is that if a lot of people vote, the rewards could get quite high. Now for the heavy handed part, while one person who upvoted who wins a random draw does get the SBD half, I will still obviously get the Steem Power half. I think you can do the math from there.

So if you don't mind this idea, upvote, get your name in the pool. Also please leave any comments as to what you think and if there is anything illegal about this. Also if you want to support the reward pool but don't want to be put in the drawing just let me know with a comment.

I will also upvote the post @ 100% but I can't win the raffle. Also if the pool gets large enough (over $10) I will draw a second winner and power down some steem and keep only 10% of the SP half.

As for time limit you have one week from when this post is updated.

Resteeming gets an extra chance to be drawn but an upvote must be done to be entered.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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