15 ideas to start a blog with guaranteed success part - 1.

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Maybe you are thinking of creating a blog and start writing, but you are still not clear on what subject you could start it. I understand you, it's something that costs a little. This is a point of vital importance, which you have to think very well before launching into the pool, since as you will know a very high percentage of blogs remain abandoned within the first six months after their creation. This is due in large part to a precipitous choice of the theme of our blog and to erroneously choose the niche market. Many bloggers start with a topic that they see is current and very successful ... but that really has nothing to do with them and does not motivate them personally, it is meet of abandonment. Therefore, the gurus say that we should look for a theme that has to do with our tastes and hobbies, that we are passionate about. Focus first on passion. In other cases, although the theme of the blog in principle is something that we like and we are good, blogs are abandoned due to lack of inspiration or stagnation when writing posts. To position ourselves as experts, it is important to know in depth the subject we are going to deal with. But you also have to keep in mind that there are more current and dynamic issues than others. For example, the world of fashion, technology or makeup are subject to constant changes in trends. Every week something new comes about what we can talk about. However, there are other types of themes on which there may be a great ideological drought after we have talked enthusiastically about its main characteristics. In this post I offer you 15 thematic ideas to start a blog that are triumphing on the internet today, but only to serve as an inspiration and then get some idea to create your successful blog. These are topics that can be customized according to the tastes of each one: for example, no two blogs are the same, because perhaps one blogger has a weakness for Asian dishes, while the other dedicates his blog to recipes with biological ingredients. In addition, these are topics that never go out of style, and on which there will always be new things to write, since they are constantly evolving. Here I leave you with the 15 proposals. Continued.....

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