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ICON, $ICXBTC - Support currently in place is in the 0.00044 area (#1 on chart) and next major resistance is at 0.00050 (#2 on chart). There is not much resistance between both of these which could be worth a consideration for a trade on the 4hr chart.


If you believe in blockchain as the future you must also believe that it’s necessary for the different blockchains to communicate properly for a seamless environment. Imagine Sprint not being able to connect with AT&T customers. One word: Interoperability.

Roadmap Prelims:

  • Iconest webpage launch
  • newly listing on Coinbit

Roadmap Co-Main Events ...

  • May 24: Icon's first ICO, Bluewhale starts token sales and only accepting ICX and ETH
  • June 30: ICX/ETH DEX launch! LFG


nice update with charts on ICON, $ICXBTC from your post on.
job weldon @cryptoiceman

$ICX is one of my biggest bags.They have so much to offer,plus they are one of the sponsors for this years Consensus. BIG news coming soon.

I am with you on that my friend, hope there is good news

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