[pov] What ICOs are doing to blockchain

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@GOOD-Karma... Thank You for bringing up & sharing this topic...

It certainly would seem that BlockChain Technology is improving with incredible, innovative ideas/concepts that are being driven by both money AND competition, which imho is VERY Good for a healthy, growing, relatively Young industry... where we are literally witnessing so Much innovation almost on a daily basis... that the FUTURE looks Very Bright... InDeed !!

So Bright (( as the song goes )) that we're gonna have to wear shades !!

But on a more serious note... when we look back 5 Years & NOW witness all the incredible innovations that are currently here today... AND then if we just Look FORWARD 5 Years... oh my Gosh... the World is literally transforming at LIGHT SPEED...

AND, if it was not for the intentional creation of FEAR/FUD by the"Dark Side". sometimes known as the Central Bankers/Old Paradigm... well, You see where I'm going here...

But of course, as with any new innovation, there is the normal or previous adoption rates that could sometimes take 15 to 20 years or longer, if we go back prior to 1900... now however, with almost instant global communication, adoption rates are going FASTER & FASTER... with INNOVATION seemingly growing at EXPONENTIAL Rates !!

Please READ today's news release by the EOS Team led by @Dan, the CTO... and witness for Yourself how quickly the crypto currency markets are moving... AND again, imho, it is only going to accelerate Faster as we progress into 2018 !!


AGAIN... Thank You GOOD Karma for such a stimulating question... ReSTEEMed !!

Hope You're having a Good Weekend !!

Cheers !!

I somewhat agree. ICOs are great for testing new blockchain tech. However many ICOs are fraudulent. So its not a win win.

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Waoo! It is amazing analysis! Where can i access the data, ehich makes a category of the coin??
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @good-karma for this interesting article.

For me, those times resemble the dotcom bubble so much!

  1. A new technology, where everybody sees unlimited potential, but nobody knows what exactly it is.
  2. Icos (in dotcom times: ipos) that gather crazy amounts in no time.
  3. Attraction of the general public and sucessful implementation of thr first concepts.
  4. Doubts about the real value.
  5. Bursting of the bubble. Dotcom: 2001. Crypto: ?
  6. Hopeful future: Break through of the revolutionary ideas.

An interesting article about how adoption might unfold is found here: https://hbr.org/2017/01/the-truth-about-blockchain

I don't want to ask you to take the time to help me understand how this works but not sure where else to learn.
Am I right in thinking being involved in an ico is very similar to buying shares but the share you buy becomes a tradable coin rather than a traditional share with a value.
Does money change hands because you start to buy the coins. And the value grows because people become prepared to buy a coin for more?
It's complex.
I'm guessing the business raises revenue because their coin value rises and they kept a certain number themselves?

I'm Agree

there are only some ico that worth the time to invest. i think there are too much ico out there, everyday 2-5 different ico..c'mon!

ICO or any prelaunch token are unpredictable.
Its depend on their backbone and their supply and demand..anyway good info @good-karma

ICO or How to loose money very quickly !

Hahaha are you kidding me? I triple my money this summer investing in ICO's: Distric0x, 0x, Coindash,Tierion... If you know how to analyze an ICO, then is the best way to invest.

Awesome article @good-karma! ICO's are changing the model to invest and fund startups ^^

😀 You are right, that's flip side...

my thoughts exactly @killuminati @evelyniroh - it's totally possible to make money with ICO's but IMHO that's more gambling than investing... there are more and more ICO's released every day now, many of them will either drop or have a very brief pump before dumping... meaning that you'd have to time your sale perfectly before you lose money. It's tough as well since most ICO's aren't available on the main exchanges, so it'll involve setting up a new account somewhere then transferring your coins there to trade. You may be able to tell I've tried this a few times. Lost a bit of money the first time, then the second I would've lost but luckily I forgot about it and ended up "holding" til I broke even.

To conclude I wouldn't discourage you completely from a new coin if you think it has potential but since there's often a dump in the beginning, it's smarter to wait a few weeks or even a few months until it's at a low enough level where you can pick up the coins at a good price. This idea was also advocated by @jerrybanfield :)

Lol.. How to loose money quickly? AM scared of ICOs now with that statement. Nice post @good-karma. I wish all investing on ICOs dont regrate it. Resteemed

Do your homework, read the whitepaper, check out the dev team, click on the links, if it looks fake then as a rule it is fake, read the dev teams posts if it looks like it is jibberish then its likely they are just adding posts to make it look real. HODLing to the moon

Yep. Hodling :-)

Thank for sharing this amazing info @good-karma 👏🏼😁👍🏼

It is definitely the year of the ICO, we have always had ICOs but now with the ETH platform and the ease at which someone can create a token it has ballooned.

With the crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter a success would be to raise a few hundred thousand, in the crypto world a few million raised seems to be the norm.

I agree we are lucky to be aware and involved in crypto at this time and if you are able to find the right project it could change your life, not in the short term and I think this is the trap for a lot of people, they want to get rich quick through an ICO but I think if the project is worth it's salt it will take time to achieve it's peak.

The trick is to hodl and not panic with you investment.

Exciting times for sure.

The idea of ICO is very smart. However many projects are just to make duplicate project and just make money on it.. post sometimes new feature, etc.

I want to be wrong and to see the world changes in few years because of massive adoption of blockchains, and therefore ready startups because of ICOs.

Very good @good-karma. Thankyou very much.

Many ICOs will fail that's for sure, but it's away more easier to raise funding through ICO than the old way. I see many projects moving to blockchain as it grows. If investing in ICO, one should be very careful, check the team previous work and be careful not to send your money to hacked addresses

I agree, investing is another story and requires proper research

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A lot of ICO's that startup have a good chance of failing and it definitely is more of a gamble. Though even coin buying can be a slight gamble due to the volatile nature of it.

I agree, in 5 years 95% or more of startups fail. But few ones that survive really makes a difference in advancement of the technology. Gambling part is true if you don't do due diligence.

I agree, the next couple years sounds about right, I'm thinking that three is fair between development & adoption. I'd love for it to be sooner, but I'm also not ready financially & I'm really selfish & would like to find a way to invest before it's too late.

With the personal optimistic evaluations of Bitcoins growth potential, I'd really have to be feeling an ICO to part with the tiny amount I have. If I could easily throw Fiat around I'd be all over a few of them though.

We're sure entering interesting times, love it.

hehehehe funny u wrote about this now, I know you are a developer @good-karma..

maybe you can help me 😭

Thank you @ god-karma has been sharing I like it

The information you provided is good. We are contented. Keep giving similar information even further.

ICO are pretty hot at the moment. It is all about catching the next big thing early but for others they just jump onto an ICO when the token is cheap and benefit from it when it starts to go on exchanges.

June and July was crazy for the whole cryptospace. We also saw a huge growth in steemit that year as well and hopefully that will continue in the coming months @good-karma

good and like ur post

Very informative writing.... thank you for sharing @good-karma


I would say all the big players will survive in the coming years, and these ICOs are just a backup so that the money generated will be actually transferred to the biggies :)

You are a man so extraordinary and mighty, I am proud of you who helped many people out there, I also want to be assisted by you like others, help Vote & follow @danker

@good-karma. please teach me how to play steemit. I'm new here. and I still do not understand @good-karma

This is a very informative post. It looks as though Steemit has a really head start on growth in the social media arena. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing post. Very useful for me. Thanks for share

thank info, @good-karma
vote and resteem posting

great stats, i have no idea, there is an explosion of coins / info / sites / exchanges / hardforks - it's a lot to take in / i'll check out coinschedule, ty

Waoo! It is amazing analysis! Where can i access the data, ehich makes a category of the coin??
Thanks for sharing! 👍👍👍

Ico is gmbling..?
Iam to invest ini ico atb..

They are the highest risk investment but you have the chance to make 100 times your money or more. Its like educated gambling. As long as you don't mind losing your money you could be very prosperous.

Absolutely blockchain technology will lead to the next industrial revolution and this is just the beggining..soon many ICO´s will be done using steem blockchain and we all will be glad that we are early adopters. However be careful , not all that glitters are gold..many are scams so do a solid due dilligence

Thank You for bringing up & sharing this topic...@good-

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

Hi @good-karma thank you for this post,indeed it is a well detailed post to share with other steemians around this blockchain perhaps on my perspective i am gland to see the growth of initial coin offering in form of cryptocurrency,now i do believe that there is a positive effect of ICOs in space within the next couple of years since this is a revolutionary that has begin and it will be bigger and better on the move.

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I think with the current number of ICOs it's really hard to keep track whats going on. With more and more money there's more and more shiny PR about potentially nothing. Real innovations that are practically usable may suffer.

Real innovation will survive longer but just innovation in itself is not everything

Great post Very helpful
i think Bankera ico is a good one it has a great potential to success!!

social networks cover only 0.3%, and I wonder if it is only Steemit.com or others also in there.
I think Steem has a good potential to grow, because if we look at the non-blockchain internet based businesses, Facebook is the competitor. It can grow like Facebook for sure.

Exactly, these areas are still untouched and Steem is front of social networks in space!

I think the overall effect of ICOs will depend on how many live up to their promises (or at the very least, die trying).

ICO tokens are pure inflation, and the value placed on them today is a guess at future utility. To the degree they produce utility, they will have a positive impact on the space. They seem to be part of what is attracting so much new money into crypto right now, but if too many people get burned, that will hurt crypto in general.

Nothing like a good ICO right??

Good information

I feel like 90% of them are scams to tell you the truth and I feel like the US Government will go on a huge witch hunt in this situation.

very nice thanks for info

Hi good-karma, I´ve voted you for my witness. :-)

I wonder if there is a statistic - what percentage of all ICO for the year turned out to be fraud?

I would be really interested to see that, this year number of ICO statistic/alert sites grew substantially... who knows maybe there is one already

Why don't we start ico's on steem blockchain. I think it will grow steem on a very large scale.

And I think we have to build a team who will research about every ico on a website based on steem block chain, where everyone can get details about the new ico. Along with it team will look after the progress that is happening in these ico's

In such a way genuine business will flourish on steem blockchain and fake ones will be eliminated out.

Hello @good-karma
How are you? I am glad to seeing you....


Rise of the Altcoins.

This is only the beginning. Over the last year I have watched all these altcoins suddenly have a heartbeat. Now everyone is launching ICOs on ETHEREUM but its way too technical.

After searching for a way for ME to crowdfund using a token I discovered the Waves platform, and now I have launched my own token distribution to raise BTC for building The Miners Post!

https://steemit.com/crowdfunding/@darkflame/mpst-token-distribution-has-begun I would appreciate any insights you have for me, I am a big fan of eSteem!

Thanks @good-karma u are my inspiration

great information ! thanks a ton! what is the source of this data please ?

thanks for your answer

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