Why should I put money in ICOs?

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  1. With the help of a valid contract you will be able to see profit;

  2. The price of coins may be increased sooner, and you can buy them in time to buy and sell. This process resembles a standard stock exchange.

Interesting data

  1. Plutus is an easy-to-pay application with bitcoin that released coins in June, 2016. 1 coin was $ 1.183, the current price of the coin is $ 15.122, which is 1,178% increase.

  2. The price of cryptocurrency called Neo was barely 33 cents and not it is worth $ 76. A few months ago, its value was $ 180.

How to Avoid ICO scams?

This is a pretty good question and there are several important factors that you should keep an eye on: As Doctor House says, everybody lies. In this space there are good and bad people like everywhere else. One example is platform Candido, which collected $ 375,000 and then disappeared with the money. Their website was closed and no one could find the people behind it.

A short list of what you should avoid:

  1. Anonymous team. We understand that everything is about decentralization, but how much do you trust your money to a foreign company? It is better to know who the people behind project are.

  2. Unrealistically good offer. If the amount of winnings the company promises is greater than ICO's profit margin, it might be a scam.

  3. Unclear future plans. If the startup is reliable, it will have minimum 1 year plan. If you read only empty promises on their site, re-think before you trust them your money.

What is pre-ICO?

We almost forgot to say that you can buy coins before the ICO. How? Even impossible things are possible in cryptoworld.

Sometimes even the ICOs need to be financed (for ads, etc.). In such a time they start selling coins before the sales. During Pre-ICOs, the prices of coins are even lower than during ICOs and ultimately you can see greater profits. As a rule, the number of such coins is very limited and they are sold in a few seconds. If you want to purchase coins during Pre-ICO, you must constantly stay tuned.

You might think that the Pre-ICO is an easy treat, but it is not. The popular practice is that the pre-sales are made only for a limited number of investors, or so called business angels. Thus, the startup can earn more money from the Pre-ICO tahn the official ICO.

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To put money in trusted ICO's is not a bad business.


Of course, but we have to do research first!