CCEDK roll out crowdfunding and services for new businesses with innovation and passion

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The Danish cryptocurrency enterprise is pivoting to act as a hub for global entrepreneurs.

It has been a brutal last 30 days, politically and economically. The UK’s decision to exit the European Union at their referendum on 23 June has prompted global shockwaves. Stock markets have been volatile, Sterling crashed against the dollar and Euro, and we are faced with a period of uncertainty – possibly prolonged – as to where this will all end up.

Amid the turmoil there are always opportunities. The referendum wasn’t really about the EU, and the causes for which it was the most visible symptom apply far beyond the UK. It was about widespread dissatisfaction: about the state of government in the 21st century, about representation and inequality, about the engagement of the gatekeepers and power-holders with the people they are supposed to serve. And this sentiment, which can be seen across Europe and America, is critical to the emergence of a new suite of technologies and the mentality that is driving their adoption.

Cryptocurrency or digital money not only doesn’t understand the concept of borders and nationalities: it doesn’t know they exist. These platforms are truly international. It’s as easy and fast to send money to Europe or Australia as it is to send it to your friend next door. The vision encapsulated by such a technology informs its use, and it is common to find dispersed groups, located around the world, using the blockchain or distributed ledger to raise money, issue assets and pay their shareholders, amongst many other things.

CCEDK: kickstarting start-ups
This is the landscape into which CCEDK steps. The company was originally founded as a crypto exchange, allowing users to convert bitcoin and fiat money into different virtual currencies. The sector changed rapidly, however, and it soon became apparent that CCEDK could serve its customers better by acting not primarily as an exchange, but a gateway into the world of the blockchain. Instead of merely profiting from fees on currency conversions – a ‘shovel-maker’ in the digital gold rush – the company could use its experience and knowledge of the crypto world to make a real difference. Central to the vision is the idea that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses gain their first toe-hold in the market, as their entrepreneurs guide them from inception and start-up phase through to being profitable and established companies. ‘Our vision is to be the enterprise that best understands, and satisfies the product, service and funding needs of start-ups – globally,’ says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK.

Money matters for start-ups, and this will be one of CCEDK’s primary aims: to bring great new ideas and people to the attention of global investors who are searching for returns in troubled times – or who are dissatisfied with the state of traditional finance and intrigued by the concept of the sharing economy. Crowdfunding over the blockchain enables ordinary people to access investment opportunities they would never otherwise even see, and it allows entrepreneurs to access funding they might never otherwise receive. CCEDK will act as escrow for funds, providing an administrative and legal hub for investors.

‘My aim is to be able eventually to involve the National Trade Council and its regional offices in countries worldwide, working with start-ups chosen through local competitions,’ Boesing continues. ‘We will then help bring this project to life for the world to see and to offer it to investors through a crowdfunding process, giving them a stake in the future company and revenues.’ CCEDK will head up this stage and will cover the costs involved, in return for a percentage of the funds raised. But the picture doesn’t begin and end there.

The Decentralised Conglomerate
CCEDK has retained at least one feature from its previous incarnation. It is the de facto fiat gateway for the blockchain: a means of moving regular currencies like USD, EUR and CNY into virtual ones like bitcoin, Litecoin and others. Specifically, it supports the OpenLedger platform and all of its capabilities are built around this.

OpenLedger is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade crypto-assets in near-real time, securely and with ultra-low fees. It is built on top of the MIT-licensed Graphene technology of BitShares 2.0 and acts as the foundation for the Decentralised Conglomerate: an ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies. These are instrumental to the benefits that CCEDK will offer start-ups. As a whole, these form the ecosystem that is known as the Decentralised Conglomerate – a collection of mutually-supporting assets and services designed to boost the chances of success for entrepreneurs, whilst simultaneously rewarding its their own stakeholders. Alignment of interests and incentives is key to the sharing economy.

Some of these services include promotion – marketing is something every business needs, but the rules change in the decentralised world of the blockchain. BitTeaser is an advertising service, much like Google’s AdSense, but one that charges and pays out in crypto coins. Obits includes a bloggers’ club, which affords a steady stream of content onto blogs and websites around the world – a great resource for new businesses to tap. Start-ups can choose to access as much or as little of these services as they want, as well as the crowdfunding and escrow elements offered by CCEDK.

In terms of funding, the ICOO asset aims to bring together investors and opportunities. ICOO represents a pool of money that can be used to invest in promising new assets which, after a broader crowdfund has been completed, are released as their own standalone assets to trade on OpenLedger. Thus ICOO itself facilitates funding and introduction to a broader market, as well as enabling its own assetholders to benefit from these initiatives. ‘We hope that by doing this we will be able to help fund innovative new projects that might otherwise struggle to receive funding. Who knows, perhaps we will one day play a part in launching the next Skype or Apple, and give inventors and developers a chance to make their dreams a reality.’

"Ronny Boesing comments; "Investing in the ICOO, you are in fact investing in all ICO's introduced on CCEDK whether they are external ICO prelaunches or ICO's on OpenLedger, and with an expected 4 ICO's monthly picking only the best, there is a good chance an ICOO investor will quickly realize the value of holding this limited token of a maximum of 1 million. You do not only benefit from being an investor in numerous ICO's, you are also a holder of a token receiving revenue streams from the profits CCEDK is generating as well as the ICO subscribe services connected to each ICO."

CCEDK has access to national and international media outlets and plans to hold several crowdfunds and asset launches per month, including one selected through a local competition (following due diligence and subject to participation criteria). ‘Our mission is to make CCEDK the preferred marketing and crowdfunding partner for our clients by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional client experience, constantly fulfilling expectations through digital leadership, cooperation and cross-promotion across ecosystems,’ Boesing concludes.

Enjoy the following video created to give you a small intrroduction as to the kind of services CCEDK will be ioffering in future.

An article by Forbes was created on the base of above article:

If you wish to know more about CCEDK, the Decentralized Conglomerate and all its ecosystems as well as its whitepaper, and perhaps even wish to invest in any of the digital tokens available, it is all possible via the CCEDK website giving you the appropriate links:

The possibility to buy tokens directly from ICOO website ends July 31st 2016, and any remaining tokens not sold will be burned.



This is going to be an amazing platform. I hope to launch a crowdfund on one my ideas as soon as everything is ready to go. The mix of ICOO, OBITS, HEAT and BTS will create so much synergy, and add so much to the suite of applications as well!

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