The Iconiq Digital Asset Management Ecosystem

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Iconiq is a Token for Digital Asset Management, they are the world’s first decentralized venture capital group. Companies hoping to raise their own token and ICO are provided with tools and guidance. Over €1M has been commited to companies in the program thusfar. Iconiq Lab is a portfolio company and strategic partner of FinLab AG, a German publicly traded Fintech investor and company builder.

What are the services they offer?


  • Seed funding and ICO expense coverage
  • Business development and ICO marketing
  • Connections to broad network of ICO participants
  • Legal help & structuring through partners
  • Exclusive access to top industry experts


  • Quality ICO participation opportunities
  • Exclusive presale and discount rights to accelerator graduates
  • Project sourcing and structuring possibilities
  • Exclusive access to research and due diligence reports


  • ICO & Token Sales Consulting
  • Crypto research
  • Tokenization models
  • ICO participants relations
  • Legal structuring through partners
  • Access to top blockchain professionals

Artwork by @opheliafu

Iconiq Funds Is Building Enterprise-Grade Digital Asset Index Funds, no more waiting for ETFs and ETNs to keep getting rejected! With the First Fund Launching October 2018. You can finally invest in an actively managed crypto fund, I'm sure there are many who would prefer to earn passively, and pay investment pros to manage our funds securely and transparently.

Asset Management as a Service
Platform fees may be paid in ICNQ tokens, providing a partial discount on service fees to the AMaaS users.
Fund managers pay platform fees in ICNQ tokens. As more managers engage our platform, demand for the ICNQ token rises.

Download the Colour Paper
Download the Whitepaper

Token Info

  • ICNQ is a club membership token
  • Iconiq Lab will issue 15M tokens (of a total of 20M tokens)
  • Iconiq Holding will burn portions of the voucher tokens it receives as fees on a quarterly basis
  • Iconiq will list on GBX in Q4 2018
  • Currently trading on Idex
  • Loyalty points for ICNQ club members
  • ICNQ is an ERC20 token

More info

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This is not investment advice, always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).


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