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RE: ICON ICX ICO: A Promising Coin With Major Flaws

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More Options for Payment:
BITCOIN (BTC):: 1jsF3BFYNGRG7rtzjuKbtPURcKzod4etq
ETHEREUM (ETH): 0xa26724b29Ee557960eB9A92d659BB88ddA8d47d1
LITECOIN (LTC): LTEU39XFtD1nj1QqpuVf97ok8F5bFL5VeK
MONERO (XMR): 48nXBajorzkZLeotCBw1XgYaUgENGuxS1hhK75hoGgUSQVHsoVa3EWj86EvqKjeorUY77SVu8fj8TPevfz3dnmX567djac2


Don Tapscott is advisor to the ICON project - that is a huge confidence booster to the project.
PS: If you accepted XRP, i'd donate a bit.