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iCoin summit - 9th-10th May 2018

in icoinsummit •  7 months ago

For those who missed the Summit - here is a taste for you.

If you missed this amazing "ICO Battle" don't fear. A huge conference is being prepared for later in the year.

This was a complete sell-out - and was a HUGE success.

See you at the next one !!

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This is amazing
Wished I waa there


Wish you'd been there too Sami.

Great event - congratulations @patrickm and the team

It was an honour and a complete pleasure to have got to speak at this event. What came out of it was nothing short of amazing, and we will be announcing to the community some of the partnerships and projects that we have been talking about with serious investors who were there.

A huge thanks to all those who arranged this incredible event. It was seriously impressive, and these guys have set the bar very high for other cryptocurrency/blockchain events.