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Hi, I have just seen ICOS (ICOBOX) token sale which was rated as "Stable" by the rating agency "ICOrating". You can find their report here: http://icorating.com/project/215/ICOS/rating

After reading it, and doing my own research, I decided to invest a little bit in this ICO. The model is quite interesting indeed.

What they are trying to achieve is as follows:

"First token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs. And the first token to give token holders access to all future presales of such ICOs with an average discount of 75%.

ICOS token holders will have the opportunity to back ICOs they believe in. They will have exclusive early access, and a significant discount, in return for their early endorsement of proposed ICOs"

If you are considering to invest, may I kindly ask you to use my referral link? https://icos.icobox.io/?ref=ba4ea5807bce1bf4146aeeca

You help me and the community by doing that. Also please upvote and resteem my post if you find it useful.

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