ZONTO Futurologie

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 ZONTO Futurologie

“He must have an inclination, born of strength, for questions that no one has the courage for;the courage for the forbidden; […]New ears for new music.New eyes for what is most distant.A new conscience for truths that have hitherto remained unheard.”

Zonto: Prehistory
In the beginning was singularity, which was not a subject unto any law of physics that is known to us, and it was the moment when our universe began being created. As the Big Bang had occurred energy started to disperse and entropy to increase. Within a closed system entropy is a measure of the disorder of its state or behaviour under different conditions that has a vector which as a matter of fact causes the destruction of structural order. As a drop of ink get evenly distributed in water, in the same manner entropy strives to cover all the existing space. It is accidental, but it comes into being due to statistical distribution of events. As a rule within closed systems entropy doesn’t decrease, but increases instead. Entropy causes that smoke disperses and clears away, sugar dissolves in water, stones fall to pieces, lights and galaxies disappear. This tendency is easy to explain: things move (we move them or they are moved by natural forces). Usually they are moving because of accidental impulses which do not have any specific goal to achieve. Therefore the things are going from order to disorder, since there are always more ways to come to disorder than to achieve order. The order is a phenomenon expressing itself in the universe at both macro (galaxies, solar systems) and micro-levels (crystal lattices, cells of living things). The highest manifestation of the Universal order accessible for a human being is the Mind. Civilisation and culture, computers and nanotechnologies created by men with the use of mind. Mind is capable of bringing order out of chaos.However, bringing order requires energy. As a general case the energy for bringing order at the highest level is borrowed out of its destruction at lower ones. Therefore the sun is destructed giving energy into the space, but some of the energy is consumed by plants, being transformed into energy of organic compounds. Being destroyed, serving food for people, organic compounds provide energy supply for human brain. Human brain becomes an instrument, a crucible for ordered thought. Thus the destruction of a star order is being transformed into ordered activity of thinking. Directing their thoughts human beings create the highest forms of order, making the entropy to change its area. Mind manifests itself in ability to analysis, abstracting, generalisation and thinking. Mind is expressing itself in principles, ideas and ideals.Zonto is an expression of collective human mind that is fulfilling itself in principles, ideas, and ideals of transhumanism.
(с) The ZontoMind

Zonto: the Beginning
Humanity stands at a threshold of great changes. We are approaching technological and informational singularity: the limit beyond which any predictions of the future human development became unavailable. Any historical predictions thereafter loose sense: the mind, which in every respect exceeds the power of human mind we have been accustomed to, will create history. One of the heralds of the coming changes has become the Bitcoin: the pioneer of the Blockchain technology. The Blockchain would have never become so popular without the idea of the mining as an alternative to emission of monetary funds by the central banks of different countries. The mining of cryptocurrencies come to be the main populariser of Blockchain. However, the human confidence is the greatest assets: as far as people trust being confident and able to make assets functioning as money, which is as follows:

  1. Measure of Value (Unit of Value)
  2. Medium of Exchange
  3. Store of Value (Asset Function of Value)
  4. Standard of Deferred Payment
  5. The World Money (regulation of payment balance and credit funds of certain states).

The TRUST enables assets to become the instruments of any functions stated above.

Without delving too deep into theoretical principles of economics, let us focus on the most important problems of cryptocurrencies, as well as on the basic model of the problem solving offered by Zonto.

The major problem of cryptocurrencies today is that they are not backed with real assets. However, the same issue is proper to the majority of the fiat currencies.The Gold standard is a monetary system where a country's currency or paper money has a value directly linked to gold. It was superseded in 1944 by the Bretton Woods system of monetary management. The price of gold was firmly fixed: it was $ 35 for a Troy ounce. As a result US gained the hegemony, driving back the UK as their weakened rival. De facto it caused the appearance of the Dollar standard: an international currency system based on US dollar. However, it would be rather more precise saying about the Gold-Dollar Standard. Jamaican currency system formed in 1976-78 due to revision of the Bretton Woods system. The Gold standard was abolished along with the fixed gold parity (any fixed exchange rates for gold were cancelled as the floating exchange rates were introduced both for national and international operations). Gold was demonetised: out of money it turned to be a usual goods.

Since then, what is called money in the majority of cases is backed… with nearly nothing. A currency is supported by central bank of a country using the legislation, defining one or another currency as a “legal tender” or medium of payment.

Technological development resulted – in particular – in appearance of Blockchain, opens huge perspectives for entirely new financial assets and medium. “Private economies” of individual companies, holdings and communities and their cryptocurrencies issued as a counterbalance to the traditional currencies respectively will become the unavoidable results of decentralisation. This enables companies with control over the cost, expected by network members who use this (crypto)currency, without fear to experience unpredictable inflation pressure.
Although the questions still remains open: a bearer of which basic assets is this or that cryptocurrency and what is it backed with? Is it merely the cost of electricity and processing power, strengthened by trust of the Community in the future cost increase of the cryptocurrency? By the efforts of “cryptoevangelists,” creating the investor interest for pouring the fiat money into fashionable digital assets?

The great battle of cryptocurrencies and blockchains is starting now. HardFork BTC, the rise of Etherium, bubbles of altcoins, phenomenal fame (as fast as the disappointment?) ICO...The one thing is certain: the idea of decentralisation and Blockchain technology will survive. Moreover, they will lay the foundation for a new economy and many forms of social relations.

 In Zonto We Create a New Pattern of the Future Economy

Now Zonto is in the very beginning of its growth. We are not market leaders, we do not pretend to be preachers of a great future, and we are fully aware of what a huge amount of work is to be done in order to achieve our goals. But step by step we will create the future.

Zonto: the Present

  1. ICO

while  Zonto


           Think outside the box

           Work hard


Gradual implementation of Zonto ecosystem, the principles of synergy and conceptual unity of the system, with the feedback links for the sake of the common good of every member will contribute to the exponential growth of popularity.

Zonto: the Future

Zonto is Mind. Zonto ecosystem is functioning as a scalable system, based on a chain of interconnecting links constituted by its members. Corporate ownership and administration is reserved as much as it can help or facilitate the functioning of the system within the international legal framework. Zonto community with its actions defines the vector of its development. Zonto cryptocurrency backed not only with the ecosystem economy, inner products, but also with gold as real physical assets. The stock of gold is backing the cryptocurrency according to the package of legal guarantees. An additional asset backing is provided with High-technology stock.

Cryptocurrency Zonto Backing

Assets:         Inner products                   -     Gold                               -      [email protected]

Funds:         Decentralised funding      -     10% of profit                -      10% of profit          

Notes:                                                         -     Including 10 % ICO    -      

Zonto is being constructed as a system in which every person or firm will be able to find a direct and unconditional advantage, something good and profitable for him/her/itself. Job, fun, unbiased feedbacks, professional help, service, shopping in affordable price, and much more: all this is generated by Zonto community as a single, well-structured system of manageable content.

Any member of Zonto community is both a consumer and a generator of values for the whole community. Ecosystem incorporates the principle of automatic monetisation for each member of the community. There is a number of actions within the ecosystem which are paid and priced in inner centralised currency Zonto coins. An active user is paid for the very fact of his/her/its participation. Then the natural economic laws start working: any organised society brings in beneficial interconnections between its members and is of interest for business. What Zonto will turn to be in the future depends only upon collective efforts of the Community. The form of Zonto community won’t be an equilibrium but a decentralised system. Using Crowdsourcing as a way to achieve social conventions helps forming an optimal, flexible system, avoiding the defects of today’s spontaneous development of technologic communities.
Many a time we can be trying to guess what will happen in the next ten years or more, and to a certain extent our guesses can come true and be right somehow. But what we can guess will not be able to rival the mighty torrent of new technologies and social phenomena which is about to come in the future, unheard of and unknown to the present.

The future is already here.

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