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Greetings to all forum users!

ZONTO company has successfully finished its ICO and you can view the results at https://ico.zonto.world .

When we have started the development of ICO we have reached out many companies-intermediaries which were submitting us sky-high prices and at the same time were claiming about 30-40% of amount raised. Certainly we hadn't agreed to such offers and had conducted the whole ICO by ourselves, from the very first character in White Paper, development of personal cabinets to the final phase of raising.

During this time we have developed own personal cabinet for ICO, drafted smart contracts and hundreds of documentation pages. Dozens of hours were spent for legal counselling with fully dedicated core specialists. We have managed an effective team, which has experience in different fields and is able to work with tight deadlines.

ZONTO ecosystem is based on different modules. Currently, modules of social network, cryptocurrency wallets are already working, and the development of even more number of services for ZONTO is still awaiting for us.

At the same time one of the main ZONTO modules is crowdfunding. Within this module we will help start-ups to attract their first investment, which are necessary to start business.

For the first wave of projects we offer organisation of fundraising within ICO, because currently, this market is well developed and offers significant opportunities for start-ups.

So now we are ready to choose 10 projects, who we will help to conduct an ICO, starting from drafting WP to the listing on the ZONTO cryptocurrency exchange.

The price for participation is minimal and fixed for 3,5 BTC. We aren’t and won’t claim any additional fees from raisings, because ZONTO interest is in developing of our ecosystem and not in receiving funds from startups.

You can register your project for participation at:


We will connect with everyone who leaves a request.

Good luck to you and your ICO)


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