Seele ico HACK

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So apparently two members of seeles admin team decided to go off and scam $2,000,000 worth of ether out of the telegram community.
This is the kind of shit that brings negative light to the crypto community! Have some common sense! Whitelist sign up wasn't even open yet and private sale was NEVER announced. Good luck to everyone and I hope you get your money back somehow. Screenshot_20180203-185023.pngScreenshot_20180203-185110.pngIMG_20180203_190548_749.jpgIMG_20180203_190551_902.jpgIMG_20180203_190555_062.jpgIMG_20180203_190913_880.jpg


there team members were involved in the scam.

Question: Ho we (crypto community) could prevent it in the future?
the solution could be something like official launch pads for ICO...

Not only that, they had admins in their telegram soliciting information for presales. I was part of a pool that contributed 1462 Ethers to this scam.

This is unacceptable. Seele allowed themselves to be hacked. There were admins in there doing this. Seele should refund everyone in this pool!

I hope you get your money back

How did u get in that pool? what site?

Hope you can get back money, but to be honest it's careless of you to communicate private sales via telegram. Should use both telegram and official emails to confirm the deal.

Companies are becoming too bold. They see that people are drawn to the invesment opportunities and the admins are taking advantage of the investors. I was just blocked from the CEEK ico telegram for asking questions because their ICO handler sent out e-mails 17 days ahead of the schedule or something like that. I have seen other people say they were kicked out of telegram groups for asking "the wrong" questions.

Yeah, the landscape has changed. Much more demand than supply empowers these companies

The telegram is wilding right now. It's this type of stuff that causes crap regulations. If you do stuff like this don't go crying to the government. Always do your due diligence and don't send money through a Direct message!

They banned me lol

Not saying seele should be held accountable for some dudes taking advantage of their position, buy kudos to team for hopefully making an effort to make it right

Any information regarding to presale or ICO will be released from official website and official email.
Please kindly read the statement through our offcial website.

statement video:

LoopX is building up its community now!

Pay out intrest during 30 days lending are in BTC.

Sing up

Sorry but what you just show proves that people are stupid & dumb not that they are " SCAM ", if anyone one send ETH just like that (lol) through PM in telegram, then they deserve to be scammed. I won't feel bad for those dumb asses though, they are not victims, they are stupids that's all.

The problem is, that people get just like that into otherwise hopelessly sold out ICOs, just like I've seen it with ShipChain, where peeps made deals with the admins. And nobody got scammed.

epic shit.

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