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It is known that lottery owners control the probability of winning. There were cases when the organizers of lotteries colluded with programmers or technical specialists involved in determining the results of gambling. This is possible, because in most cases, players do not have access to a process that determines the outcome of the game. The current situation in the lottery industry is that its activities are mostly hidden from everyone. For example, after conducting a study it was revealed that 50 percent of the wins are not paid. The lottery services spend most of their income on unnecessary maintenance costs due to the opacity of the system. The current gambling industry is controlled and regulated by the local government or the state government, which does not fully solve this problem. This has become a big obstacle for the growth of the gaming industry. People who play in the lottery do not even know about the incomes of such enterprises.

Tombola is a game platform based on the blockchain, which is safe to use and quickly transfers wins. It is thanks to the blockchain that Tombola is a transparent and reliable gaming platform that each user can trust because of its openness and honest system of winning. Tombola took into account the fact that the traditional lottery and the gaming industry are developing as technology develops. They are going to create new ways of posting and participating in such games, along with a new level of security. Using digital currencies as a way to conduct cross-border payments in creating a gaming system with a global audience, Tombola will become one of the gaming platforms that can revolutionize the lottery sector, especially in terms of transferring the winnings. The traditional Tombola lottery includes a jackpot in which the win occurs when the six numbers in the ticket correspond to the numbers drawn by the lottery from the possible 45.

Tombola uses the time stamping function in the network of lockers to ensure that lotteries and winnings are not managed. The project does this by extracting a random number at a fixed time and storing it in a blockchain. While saving the number and user's wallet in a transparent register, everyone will be able to check the transparency of the system. Tombola manages a transparent and fair distribution system, paying out winnings, if and when they occur. However, when no winnings occur, all funds are transferred to the pool of the next round of games. By implementing smart contracts on its platform, Tombola provided a "defenseless" system in which all activities, such as buying tickets, numbers chosen by players, the number of winners and winning numbers can not be changed. All winnings are immediately paid to the winners. The money raised by Tombola is distributed as follows: 60% are paid out as prize money, 20% as operating expenses, 10% will be paid in dividends, 5% for charitable organizations.

The game structure for selecting a winner consists of the following sections: the player seed, the seed of the chain, the random number generator.

The functions of these sections are:

Seed of the chain: the hash of the transaction that is extracted from chain, which is required once a day, and for other games, the seed assigned before Autogen is used.

Player seed: the number unique to each player chose by the browser.

Accidental number generator: generates a certain quantity of accidental numbers. This function is designed to generate accidental numbers, which have to be in the ticket for winning, the quantity of numbers is generated depending on the number of players

The outcome of the game is encrypted with the help of these three functions, after which it is extracted by decoding, and written to the block of the chain, where everyone can watch it.

Also, the company has developed its own lottery called Black and White - this is an instant lottery, the winnings in which depend on the choice of one of the two camps: white or black. In this game, one of the two camps is selected by the system; hence the probability of winning 1/2, the task of the user for a certain time to choose one of the camps. Players who have chosen the right camp receive an award twice as much as the ticket price, and the other players do not get anything. In this game it is impossible to carry out any manipulations, because all users have equal chances of losing or winning in the game rounds.

Turtle Chase - this is another lottery developed by the company specifically for its gaming platform, in which three turtles choose which turtle to bet on the run. Players make a bet by choosing one of the three proposed turtles of different colors: red, blue green. If the player chooses the right turtle, then he gets a win three times more than his bet. If the user has chosen the wrong tortoise, he loses his bet. This game like the previous game of the company is completely transparent and fair, since all players decide on which turtle make bet to.

The third lottery of the company is called Dice3. In it you need to foretell and compare the sum of numbers in advance, users are given two intervals, one of which will be the sum dropped, these intervals are called catch, the first three to ten is selected by the down button, and the second from eleven to eighteen button by Up. For each round, player can roll the dice three times, if the sum of the cubes is from three to ten, then the result will be equal to down, and when the sum of three cubes will be from eleven to eighteen, the result will be equal to Up. For example, user presses the "Down" button before throwing the cube, the first cube is 3, the second cube gets 4, and the third cube gets 2, then the amount is 9. This means the amount is less than 10 points. Thus, the player will receive almost twice as much as he put.

Below you can see the development plan for Tombola.

You can already try out the Tombola lotteries on the site

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