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When the topic of the conversation concerns Japan, we immediately recall that it is a country that has discovered for the whole world such a method of artistic expression as anime and manga.

Unlike the cartoons of other countries, designed primarily for children, most of the anime produced is designed for teenagers and adults, and due to this, it has a high popularity in the world. Anime is characterized by a manner of depicting characters and backgrounds, which makes it unique in its performance. Sources for the anime series are mostly manga. In Japan, people of all ages read the manga. It is perceived both as a form of fine art, and as a literary phenomenon. Therefore, there are many works of different genres.

It should be noted that to date anime and manga are a large scale business on a global scale, with a total capitalization of up to $ 300 billion. Looking back, we remember with a smile those characters that Japan supplied us with. This is the Pokémon, the Sailor Moon, the Super Mario and, of course, the Hello Kitty.


However, Japan has decided not to surrender its positions and in recent years, a character named «Posi Hame-kun» has been gaining popularity in Internet culture. Its difference from its predecessors lies in the fact that modern technologies allow the launch of a crypto-currency project for the development of the business of this character with the proprietary crypto currency - POSICOIN.

The difference between the project is that it will not conduct the ICO because of the ban on these events in Japan.

The distribution of POSICOIN will be carried out using various methods, which include both the referral program and other activities that the team plans to consider in the near future. Now the project is exclusively at the development stage, so it will be difficult to talk about something large-scale. However, its founders assure that "Posi Hame-kun" will appear in many animated TV programs, thereby attracting the attention of viewers to their person.

Therefore, joining the project at this particular moment of its development will mean that you are its pioneer and can learn as much information as possible in your favor.

So far, the dissemination of information about the project has not been equipped with an active advertising campaign, but its developers are offering participants to participate now in the interactive lottery.

The bottom line is simple: the project provides users with 100 times the level of experience that you have now. That is, if you are now at the first level of development, you will be given 100 POSICOIN. If you reach level 30, then you already get 3000 Posicoins.


Step 1. Join the Discis Channel PosiCoin (https://discordapp.com/invite/eNgCh2P).
Step 2. After registering and joining the right channel, enable the community to increase your experience levels.
Step 3. Profit!



As it was said before, the inability to conduct ICO does not allow to distribute POSICOIN tokens freely. In addition, there is still no officially named exchange for the project's tokens, but the first sales on the Forkdelta.io resource are possible

Name of the token: POSICOIN
Standard: ERC20
Total suply: 334 000 000


40% of tokens are designed for free access;
20% of tokens will be sent for the development of the project;
20% for listing;
10% will be used to advertise the project;
10% are reserved for administrative purposes;

POSICOIN is a unique community of interests, the numerical growth of participants is increasing every day. The creators of the project are aimed at the introduction of the character "Posi Hame-kun" in many animation tapes, as well as its popularization around the world.
What will come of this - we can only wait.

WEBSITE https://posicoin.org/
TELEGRAM https://t.me/posicoin
TWITTER https://twitter.com/posicoin
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/posicoin/
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/posicoin/
Author https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1186365

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