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Today there are many exchangers that offer favorable conditions for certain coins. But at the moment we will consider a project called Nebula Exchange, which differs in that it makes the main emphasis on promoting small altcoins within its exchange platform.

The project, developed in Singapore under the name of Nebula Exchange, is a platform that deals with the exchange and offers a trading lot using cryptocurrency pairs. At the moment the project is only under development, but its founders promise impressive results. Therefore, we, as users and observers, can only wait and guess.

The main difference between Nebula Exchange is the offer for small and unpopular altcoins to appear on the internal platform exchange for a nominal fee.

The platform will also allow its participants to trade using derivatives. For traders, this approach is attractive, because it is similar to the service offering margin trading CFD using cryptocurrency. In this case, the client can use his account for both buying and for their timely sale using borrowed funds.

Trading on the platform is the ability to buy and sell the crypto currency for fiat funds (EUR, USD) after passing through the familiar KYC procedure.

In addition, on the platform, a system of voting and evaluation of various projects and their coins is used for traders in order to determine the most impressive offers and their further promotion through the rating system. It should be noted that those altcoins and projects that will be able to get to the very top of the list of ratings as an incentive will be rewarded with free advertising on the first page of Nebula.

It should also be noted that, Nebula predicts the launch of a special application for installation on Android and iOS devices, which will allow customers to trade in real time. However, this function is under development.

Considering the factor about the importance of reliable security for today, Nebula Exchange is guided by a multi-valued signature system and a wallet that stores funds offline.


  1. The ecosystem provides relatively faster and cheaper transactions without intermediaries, which, on the contrary, affect the speed and delays.
  2. The platform is potentially difficult for hacking because, in comparison with centralized exchanges, it does not have an entry point.
  3. Users can easily control their wallet and funds on it in real time, and be confident in the security and integrity of their password.
  4. Any transactions that can be implemented on the platform are open source and are available for viewing, checking or improving by any member of the Nebula Exchange ecosystem.




The document outlines a lot about the brightest representatives of the project team, but neither here nor on the web page does not have links to profiles in social networks.
The founder of the project, Vincent Jacques, a successful investor and businessman. 2 years was a strategic adviser at BCG. While still a student, he developed a virtual platform for trading.


NESC is an internal platform utility token. It intends to be used to reduce transaction fees, as well as to pay for new lists.
Tokens used to pay for listing fees or transaction fees will be immediately burned. The token burning will cease as soon as the existing number of NESC tokens reach 50% of the initially issued tokens.

Name token: Nebula Exchange Star Credits
Ticker: NESC
Standard: ERC-20
Price: 1 NESC = 0.4 USD

**Private Pre-Sale
Dates: Coming soon
Soft Cap: $500 000

Public Sale
Dates: TBA
Hard Cap: $20 000 000
Total cap: 100.000.000 NESC


The Nebula Exchange platform is currently in development mode. However, its functions and benefits look promising for users, and low tariffs and the elimination of intermediaries on the platform increase its value. The most important thing is that the team already has a pro-boned product, there is something that can really be shown to investors. Interest in the project is rapidly gaining momentum, and fuel its increased level of security, claimed by the team of its creators.


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