WONO team gives away $2500 to the platform’s future users

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Alpha version of our P2P sharing platform is to be launched in October but we start the user acquisition campaign even before the token pre-sale starts. We’ve launched a “What do you wish to share on WONO” contest.

The rules are simple. All you need to do is to take a photo of anything in your possession that you wish to share on WONO. It could be a room in your flat, a summer house, a car, a bike, a gadget, a musical of professional instrument. Literally anything that can be rented out.

The photo should be posted to a Twitter or an Instagram account with the following text: "WONO is a new sharing platform on blockchain with 1-5% commission instead of 10-25% and here's what I wish to share with the whole world there” and a #mywono hashtag.

After the contest ends at the 17th of October, 11:59 PM Pacific Time, the WONO team will select 5 best photos and give their owners a $500 prize.

Yet this time participation in the contest doesn’t really oblige asset owners to rent out their property on WONO, once the platform is launched, we’ll encourage them to join the vendor community and start earning WONO tokens.


I entered the contest, thanks for hosting! Used Instagram to enter.

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Thanks! Following.

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