WONO plesale launch is delayed due to the attack on the Ethereum network

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Our presale was scheduled to the late evening of 6th August (Pacific Time), is now delayed. but the Ethereum blockchain where our tokensale smart contract was supposed to be published, is overloaded by unknown spammers.

As at 8:30 PM PST 7th of August, the network was loaded by 97%. Each Ethereum transaction had to wait for about 1000 blocks on average. Transactions with gas price set at 480GWei/gas (which is comparatively high) waited for over an hour in theory, but for several unpredictable hours in real life. WONO dev team suggests waiting until the “spam storm” is over as if we launch the presale, our first token buyers will encounter problems for sure even if crowdsale contract will be accessible.

The investigation hasn’t yet revealed, who’s behind this spam attack. Experts say that it looks like a botnet is operating, constantly sending a huge amount of ETH from one wallet to another. Approximate volume of ETH used for the attack is 150–200k ETH.

WONO apologizes for the inconvenience. We’ll start the presale once the spam attack ends. Stay tuned.


ETH blockchain has been really slow, it wasn't until this post I knew why. Wono sounds interesting

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That's unfortunate, blockchains are not mature yet.

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Sorry to hear about the change in your sale.

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Ooh that's unfortunate brother

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