Two Airbnb managers from Chile and Germany join WONO as advisors

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P2P home rental is the most popular kind of sharing nowadays and Airbnb is a leader of the industry. That’s why WONO team has invited two successful business development managers to join the advisory board of the project.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, WONO aims to attract freelancers and asset owners of all kinds. Though we clearly understand that at the very first stage home sharing will become the core of our business. Travellers, especially from the US and Europe, have got used to home sharing and understand what problems do traditional centralized services have.

Thus, hiring some skilled professionals, experienced at home sharing was something we needed to do as fast as we can. So today we started a collaboration with Ignacio Ibaibarriaga from Chile and Alexander Zhidkov from Germany. Both of them work at Airbnb - Ignacio specializes on the Americas and Alexander is an expert in the European market.

At first they will be focused on the fine tuning of our home sharing business model. The basics will remain untouched, but some nuances concerning scoring, KYC and other procedures may be improved according to existing home sharing practice.

Then we’ll continue with the launch and expansion strategies in Americas and Europe. We’ve got a global projection till 2022 and going to detalize and elaborate it.


Cool project with interesting team management. The team will be able to bring the project to a new level in the near future for sure. Hope for the success of this project.


ya sure brother this project will be great in future.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! =)

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Great Project!! will suport the ico aswell!!!
Keep on the right track

Great Project.
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You're building a strong and diverse team of advisors. Great work.


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