Crypto revolution starts with P2P economy. Why?

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Many forecasters say that cryptocurrencies will outcompete traditional fiat money, like cars outcompeted horses. But few of them can tell, how exactly that can happen. We’re sure that this process will start with tokenization of P2P economy.

The reason is simple. If you’re a businessman selling, say, clothes, you’ve got dozens of mandatory payments in fiat. Suppliers, partners, authorities… Of course, all of them may someday accept cryptocurrencies. But it would hardly happen soon. So even if you start accepting bitcoins or any of the altcoins, you probably do it for hype only. And of course you would exchange received cryptocurrencies into fiat to pay your bills. So in fact “crypto friendliness” of brick-and-mortar stores is a part of their PR.

Traditional business is too heavy-footed and government-depended to become a driving force of crypto revolution. But individuals can change their payment habits far more easily.

Take your flat, for example. Of course, it was bought for fiat and you have to pay bills, too. But these bills are nothing comparing to business expenses, and you can rent it out for tokens. Especially when the commission in 1–5% instead of 20%, plus all deals are completely transparent and insured by private guarantors.

Once you get tokens from your tenan, you’ll have thousands of opportunities to spend them on the WONO platform. A cottage in Alps, a snowboard, a GoPro… Anything you desire can be rented for humble sums, because asset owners don’t have to pay huge commissions and taxes, too. In such circumstances token transactions become not only trendy, they become lucrative. Profit — that’s what drives revolutionary processes.

Certainly, travelling to your rented cottage in Alps would likely require plane tickets and many other purchases in fiat, because, as I already mentioned, B2C companies are heavy-footed. But anyway, a significant part of the vacation expenses will be tokenized.

Token transactions must become a part of millions’ everyday life, making niches for B2C companies. Insurance, delivery, food production, to name the few. Business will have to go blockchain not to lose clients. That’s what we can call a true crypto revolution with its start point in P2P economy.

Andery Chepelev, COO at WONO

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