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Hi Cryptosherlock, well-researched review and a good explanation of the SEED project! I've noticed a small error in your post about the expertise of Mark S. Meadows: he is an expert in NLP as in Natural Language Processing (important for programming voice bots like Siri etc.), not in NLP as in "Neuro-linguistic programming" (which is actually an approach to communication and personal development and has nothing to do with this). If you have any more questions let me know - you know where to find me ;-)


Thank you for clarification, i corrected information)

I don't wanna be a drag, but it's still incorrect: "NLP (... this is the "technology of success modeling." There are people who are very good in some business: communication, business. They want to discover the secrets of skill, secret knowledge and hidden skills. This is what NLP deals with…)". The whole paragraph is, unfortunately, nonsense. Mark has nothing to do with NLP as in Neuro-linguistic programming because it is something utterly different

Sorry, there was an error while editing. Now the information is corrected.Снимок экрана (390).png

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