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Blockchain is revolutionizing several industries but because of its early days most of them are incapable of taking real advantages of this technology. TripBit is an exception to fully utilize the benefits of this remarkable technology by integrating all the stakeholders of travel industry under one roof.

It provides all the information related to flights, hotels and events and facilitates the users to carry out all the functions it has to offer. For example you can book economical flights by paying in either cryptocurrency or fiat currency by eliminating the chances of double-booking because of the blockchain efficiency. Similarly travelers can book hotel rooms through this ecosystem which makes the experience hassle free where they don’t have to navigate dozens of website to find an economical and suitable residence. In the same manner, the event management firms can be approached through this unique and friendly platform.
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TripBit is undoubtedly the first program which integrates all the three key players involved in travelling industry. It provides an ease to the users where they can book their required services in an economical way without being the victims of double-booking, time-delays, and complicated booking processes. The one platform provides everything with all the features that makes the ecosystem inevitable. We have already discussed the services it provides to the hotel and event industries. The rewarding program does not restrict itself to these core services but also facilitates in other associated services such as booking tours, itinerary services, airport pickups, delivery services and car rental services to name a few.


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The platform also has its decentralized app which is separate to the main TripBit platform. The purpose for developing this app is to connect all the stakeholders on a single platform and provide them more opportunities that are not available on the main TripBit platform. For example, the consumers who want to return their flight, hotel or event tickets for any reason will be given an opportunity to sell them to other consumers on the platform or return them to the source. They can also exploit this rewarding app to do a business by selling and buying tickets. It also eliminates the role of third parties and thus making the transactions economical and instantaneous. It will also provide anonymity, privacy and security to the users of this efficient program.

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To make the program progressive it also aims to develop and maintain partnerships with the key industry players such as Airlines, Hotel groups and event management companies. By establishing partnerships it will force these industries to play an active part in bringing more users to the platform. The idea is to promote the program and bring it into mainstream. This amazing idea will give TripBit a competitive advantage to stand distinguished as the most rewarding system. All of these features and program development strategies will help the ecosystem make a fast progress.

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