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Recently new ICO READCOIN has launched. It also offered free Tokens. The company has very specific and clear vision. Readcoin is new blockchain echo system. It allows uses to one bundled content in terms of type, place and price. Checkout video for detailed information.

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The internet of content has become insufficient and unsatisfactory, since an attention based internet economy has separated:

 content from information,
 information from credibility,
 and content from media identity.

As a result, the internet of content is stuck and cannot develop further. More attention, advertising and advanced user-tracking methods will not generate additional wealth. Something has to disrupt this vicious circle. The aim is to establish an organizational structure and an open platform based on blockchain technology as an answer to these inefficiencies.
The implementation of this technology for the first time allows to:

 unbundle content from type, place and price
 re-bundle content in any constellation and any kind of channel / media identity
 apply a trustworthy blockchain testimony and smart contracts.

From a social point of view, a new blockchain token technology can

 make information valuable and trustworthy again
 restore social values and users’ identification with internet media
 enforce the creation of new channels and distinctive content values
 create strong incentives
 disrupt the attention based communication monoculture of the internet

An open platform – being the core element – shall use a cyber resource in combination with a set of dedicated smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the READCOIN. The reason we decided to implement Ethereum blockchain technology is that it has the potential not only to resolve core deficiencies of the existing publishing sphere in the internet, but also to restore lost social and ethnographic functions of communication and the media. We’re addressing here the trust gap, the identity gap
as well as the compliance gap as explained in Section A. We have a vision of a sustainable cyber resource system which is democratic and open, and when implemented with operational experience, can evolve to become an industry standard. The core token setup is described in Section B. Organizational issues like rollout and ICO are described in Section C.
All Initial Readcoins are transferred for free. This is a point of zero. It creates an ekospace for sustainable development. Each step forward, small or large, allows the Readcoin to grow.

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