Local Remit - Bounty Free 350 LRT (Ends 9 days)

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What is Local Remit & LRT Token?
Local Remit is a peer to peer cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy Crypto from sellers without the need of an intermediary (exchange or bank). LRT Token is the native utility token that will be used in the exchange to cover transaction fees.LocalRemit is has launched a bounty campaign for the crypto community.
Follow the steps and get 350 LRT worth $87,50 dollar.

Step-by-step guide:

Chat with the Telegram bot.
Link : http://bit.ly/2ywZr8S

1. Join them on Telegram.
2. Follow them on Twitter.
3. Like them on Facebook.
4. Follow them on Medium.
5. Subscribe to their Reddit.
6. Submit your details.
7. Option to invite friends.


  1. Click Address and register your ERC20 Compatible Ethereum address.
  2. Click Referal Link
  3. Click Balance

For check in website http://www.bounty.localremit.com/

Tokens Earned on Bounty Program will be distributed 2 weeks after Token Sale.

Keep inviting friends to join our community

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