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  Whether there is life on any planet, except the Earth, we do not know. In the whole world, it is unique.

 Our planet is still the only house for people, animals and plants. Life is possible only under the condition of the natural environment. Therefore, not only scientists, but also schoolchildren are concerned with the environmental situation.

 Many research and environmental organizations, institutions, the UN study and discuss ecological problems. Besides, they promote the introduction of modern technologies that reduce the negative impact on our planet. 

 Worldwide forums for the preservation of the environment are held annually:
All countries have signed the Paris Agreement, which suggested measures for reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is the main factor contributing to climate change (global warming).

 These negative changes significantly affects the ozone layer of the Earth, water resources, the reduction of some plants / animals, weather conditions, human health. 

 This all is possible to prevent.
Specialists of the World Economic Forum offer the "Program for the decarbonization of world economies".
Here's something that can help to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels:
- warming homes and decrease in lighting demand. It preserves natural resources
- the use of electricity that is produced by the sun, water, wind. It scales down the amount of exhaust.
It is also necessary to attract investors in the production of renewable energy, energy -saving transport. 

 For the founding of the electricity market, has been created a zerocarbon project.

They take the energy, which is produced by the sun or wind and hydro and geothermal sources.
So, if you use the zerocarbon site, it will allow you to minify the price of energy resources created from renewable sources

oth business and ordinary people will be able to buy energy produced without carbon emissions for lower price, first in the UK, Australia, and then around the world. The payment for electricity is calculated in US dollars 1 kW / kWh, and they are paid for in Energis tokens. Moreover, you can get tokens during registering on the platform, signing a contract, consuming electricity. 

Let’s stop global warming. 

For more information, please visit:  

Website: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/ZeroCarbonProject

Bitcointalk Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396140.0 


My BITCOINTALK username :pluto1970 

My profile on BITCOINTALK :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636564 



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Super technology.

Я тоже такого же мнения.

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@vesna1 this is an amazing content. And i quit agree with you on investors being introduced in order to help boost its awareness and saves cost for the average people. Thanks for sharing this👏👏. Upvoted and restreem.

Please use.thanks for support!

hello vesna1 zerocarbon is benifits for non renewables resource like petrol it can control carbon inmotion from automobile and industry.i hope soon this project will be successful because of its unique idea. what you think ?

Totally agree. Thank you for your understanding and support.

I've heard about the ozone layer, but I did not think it was so big.

Yes, yes, that's the way it is.

It's good that there is a way to buy electricity cheaper.

Now in our time, prices are growing like sand underfoot. And when there is a possibility, it's good.

Manufacturers are more likely to think about profit, not about ecology.

But we still hope for the best.

But how can you reduce the amount of exhaust gas?

I think the right approach.


It should start with the laws.

I hope there will be a good time.

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