The V-ID project is a new level of document authentication.

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Nowadays, when the age of digital technologies is developing rapidly, people have fully begun to master them and use them for good deeds. But there is also a flip side, such as counterfeiting documents of various categories. This problem is relevant and requires an urgent solution, which the V-ID project offers.


Blockchain today is closely associated with two concepts: cryptocurrencies and document management. Yes, you heard right. This idea has long been in the air and, even more than that, to one extent or another, it has been implemented in government organizations in the European Union. But it’s one thing for government agencies or large banks, and another thing is to develop a service for ordinary users.

This is what V-ID experts asked, who create a simple and understandable service for everyone today, where you can verify the authenticity of certain documents within a few moments: diplomas, certificates, licenses, logistics documents and reporting documents, photos and videos and not only!

Blockchain here is a marker of authenticity. And since we know that today it is almost the safest storage in the world for digital materials - this service already has a sufficient number of customers. For example, this is Airbus Defense & Space, ESHRE European Research Institute, Vitrumnet optical fiber supplier.


The V-ID project does not save a copy of the verified file, which makes the service a truly valuable tool in confidential workflow. V-ID is developed by the technical company WIDIDI, which has been working in the market for the protection of intellectual and confidential information since 2008. Compared to large WIDIDI projects, V-ID is a unique and scalable platform.

What solution does V-ID offer?

Digital fraud has become common news these days. Every now and then information pops up about forgery of documents, information leakage, photos and videos, which are "fake". Blockchain is designed to solve this problem once and for all, and V-ID is able to provide simple and easy-to-learn tools for this. It is like a security standard for sites on the Internet. Even 2 years ago, we did not pay attention to the SSL icon, and today it is an invariable attribute of most digital products.

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The developers are convinced that the same will happen with the V-ID. It is much easier to know that such a service exists than to look for a notary at the wrong time. And this is in terms of confidence even in a more advantageous position, even if we omit the accompanying costs and basic convenience.

The main means of payment for the project will be the VIDT token. In essence, this will be a utility token that will be used within the platform: for downloading documents for verification, and for identification, and so on.


If you look at the ratings of large rating platforms, the V-ID looks like a very strong project! An operating company, an understanding of goals and implementation, a team that does not have experience - everything is combined into a rather promising and rosy picture of positive investments. And finally, I recommend that you carefully look at the Whitepaper of the project - there is a lot of information that I could not physically fit into this article. But she's worth it to read!




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