Project LOVE Air Coffee - a new level of the coffee industry.

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How does your day begin?

Many scientists are reduced to the fact that what will be the mood and how the day will pass depends on our sleep and awakening. For many people, wake up in the morning and begin to be awake this whole test. On the Internet you can find many different ways to cold shower, energy drinks, but of course, the most popular is considered to be a cup of high-quality delicious coffee that will lift your mood and tone.


Recently, a lot of coffee houses began to appear, which indicates that the number of people who love coffee is increasing every day. You will be surprised by the fact that this product is in the same row in terms of sales, with oil. I will say on a personal example that the number of people using this drink would be greater if they were provided with high-quality and tasty coffee, at an affordable price. At the points of sale and on the shelves you can find products of different quality. We know that in order to enjoy this drink, it must be genuine and of high quality.

We will reveal what all such problems are relevant in the coffee industry.
Now on the shelves you can find products of different quality, which largely depends on the method of roasting, as the taste of the drink depends on it. Also one of the main problems is the price of these products. When roasting a lot of grains burn a lot, which gives weight loss, which is compensated by higher prices, despite the fact that there are many different middlemen.

All the above listed problems affect the quality of coffee, which subsequently affects the demand of the product. What we see in practice, spoiling the taste is easy enough, it is enough to disrupt the roasting process and tons of burnt coffee will not bring any pleasure to the consumer or profit to the manufacturer.


Ways to solve actual problems proposed project LOVE Air Coffee.
The project team has patented its own method of roasting grains in the air. The project LOVE Air Coffee is a new concept in the coffee industry, with the introduction of blockchain technology. On the basis of their equipment, in the long term, developers are going to open firing shops in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe. Their finished products are already on the market, and in the near future they will expand and increase the number of new brand outlets.

Let us consider in more detail what the patented equipment of the LOVE Air Coffee project offers to its customers: minimize weight loss when roasting; Improving the taste and quality by maintaining the integrity of the grains, the absence of certain financial losses. As we now know, blockchain technology is being introduced into many areas and branches of our life. In the coffee industry, this technology will make it possible to remove most third parties between the parties to the collaboration, and for convenience, the project team offers its own EVOL application.


The application of the project LOVE Air Coffee will have many different possibilities, such as, an internal wallet with its own cryptocurrency, chat rooms for communication and much more. Thanks to this application, manufacturers will be able to interact with consumers, and transparency and confidentiality will be provided by the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is ideal for analyzing the market in a more detailed perspective. This is directly an accurate analysis of the implementation of a particular brand, showing the decentralization of trust in the brand. Blockchain helps to control the authenticity of the product itself and its implementation, which in the first place will give the consumer confidence in the reliability of the brand.

The project will have its own means of payment, this LAC token, thanks to this token, users and customers will be able to carry out all operations and transactions within the project. At the moment, LOVE Air Coffee is holding an ICO where it will be possible to purchase a LAC token on pre-sale at a price of 1 LAC = EUR 0.025, then the price will increase. At the moment, 1 billion LAC coins have been issued. The project team has big ambitions and in the future they want to create their own blockchain - the EVOL blockchain.

I think this project can confidently take its place in the coffee industry, as they have their own design, which really works and carries the result. Now in our world there are a lot of non-quality products, after drinking, which people are starting to prejudice and treat this exquisite drink. The project LOVE Air Coffee offers consumers many benefits that will be effective at all stages of the organization and operation of your business.

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I think I need to invest in the project.

Thank you for the article. I will study carefully.

This method of roasting will help many who are associated with coffee.

Now there are so many low-quality products that sometimes after one sip of coffee, the desire to continue drinking is lost.

Patented design is a good foundation for development.

I read the white paper, everything is accessible and simple.

The project has a development team, an idea and its own token ... what else is needed for future development.

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