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During the main take-off of cryptocurrency in 2017, this industry was filled with projects of various subjects. Young startups offered almost everything. Some projects were really developed, some were at the stage of familiarization with finished white paper, while their idea seemed ridiculous, they managed to attract millions of dollars in investments. Shocked by the rapid growth of the market, investors invested their money indiscriminately in each project, no one really understood their essence, the main thing is to get the desired profit.


Therefore, most of these projects have not survived to this day. Some simply could not implement the idea, and some did not intend to do anything at all and turned out to be just fraudulent schemes. In these times, big money was invested in cryptocurrency. About cryptocurrency talked almost everywhere. As a result, the market overheated from the hype, and the lack of a legislative basis for ICO allowed to fool thousands of people and go unpunished.

After this situation, the cryptocurrency market began to lose capitalization and interest among the population, the situation was aggravated by the fact that, in addition to state and legal pressure on the industry, large information resources imposed a ban on advertising cryptocurrency on their websites. They started massively blocking information on media, on Twitter, Facebook and even Google were against. Thus, the cryptocurrency industry faced a serious lack of advertising and the problems of the project’s marketing company.

To solve such problems, the CryptoMarketAds project team creates its decentralized platform for advertising cryptocurrency projects and the industry as a whole.


This is a marketing platform where startups will be able to post information about their projects. It turns out a sort of aggregator cryptocurrency projects, where interested parties, which over time becomes more and more, will be able to find all the necessary information. CryptoMarketAds will be useful for investors, advisors, bounty hunters.

Advertising has always been the engine of trade, and advertising in the emerging field is simply necessary. Moreover, gradually expanding and having organic growth, the cryptocurrency industry will show only increasing demand for advertising. The market is growing - the demand for advertising is increasing.

The internal currency of the CryptoMarketAds ecosystem will be the CMA token. The team thought out the economic model of the project so that the demand for the CMA token will be constant and high. Only with the help of CMA you can pay for the services of CryptoMarketAds.


Summarizing the intermediate result, we can conclude that a platform like CryptoMarketAds community is now needed. The industry needs high-quality advertising and an effective way to cut off fraudulent projects. The participants of the cryptocurrency market need a modern resource where all the latest information about cryptocurrency projects would be concentrated. Well for startups - this is high-quality, cheap and effective advertising. And all these features are integrated into CryptoMarketAds.

Currently, CryptoMarketAds is pre-sale its tokens at a very competitive price of 1 CMA = $ 0.005. Further, IEO will be conducted on the IDAX cryptocurrency exchange, the cost of the token will be more expensive than 1 CMA = $ 0.005. The fact of IEO itself tells us that a project token immediately hits the market and will have some kind of liquidity from the very first days.





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