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Currently, the cryptocurrency is developing rapidly, causing interest among representatives of various industries. Users who have been interested in and investing in cryptocurrency for a long time know that there are a lot of projects with various ideas and it is already hard to surprise anyone. But in this situation there are projects that complement and solve the actual problems of existing competitors, offering their development, thereby may cause interest among investors. One of these projects is the AIGO project.


The AIGO project is a specific protocol for e-commerce. The project offers its users the ability to restore payment space in a flexible mode and at the same time ease of use of credit cards in the blockchain technology itself. The development team in the future to offer its users a full payment system that takes place in the business world.

In short, the AIGO project is a payment based on artificial intelligence, which is designed to transfer value between the parties of cooperation, without the need to use a P2P intermediary. In this question will be implied the so-called "PUSH".

Today, the situation is such that it is not so easy to buy goods for cryptocurrency, this industry has not yet been fully formed, so we see a lot of obstacles. As soon as this issue is fully resolved, there will be significant relief and the person will be able to receive this service more simplified, without different banking levels.


Let us examine more closely how the work of this technology is arranged. The project has its own payment currency, it is the Aigopay token, thanks to which all internal operations and transactions will be carried out in this ecosystem. All payment will be based on artificial intelligence.

In this project were carefully selected partners. Since the developers see the prospects and the great potential of this development. The introduction of this technology will allow people to expand their capabilities, both in terms of the quality of payment in a convenient way, and also by earning income.

It should be noted that in the support system itself, which involves the interaction of AIGO tokens, it will be combined with the application. All this will be processed through AI-Payment.


The working bills dashboard will be used to view account information and connect the wallet to the wallet. The wallet itself will be the holder of the user's private key. It will also greatly facilitate the interaction of payments on accounts and between accounts. Such interaction will consist of various requests, such as confirmation of transactions, transaction history and of course will display the account balance.

Also, the developers of the project intend to use an ATM card, for a more simplified withdrawal of fiat currency and paying bills without a fee. This will allow users in the future to pay cryptocurrency in stores for goods or to purchase services.

Initially, the blockchain itself will be built on the basis of Ethereum, but in the future it will switch to its own blockchain, which will use other networks for various developments. AIGO consists of several intelligent and at the same time unique smart contracts that are combined with payment chains based on artificial intelligence.


At the moment, the project is conducting a preliminary sale of tokens which will be held from July 5 and will last until July 20, 2019. The cost of the token will be 1 AIGO = $ 0.002. 200,000,000 AIGOs have been issued for this sale. In the future, the project will conduct an IEO program, which you can learn more about in the links below.


In my opinion, the project has a very high-quality and promising idea, which can solve many problems that currently exist when using cryptocurrency to the full. Also, the use of artificial intelligence indicates that the project team is keeping up with the times and sees its idea of a good future.





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