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It is very important to acquire the critical data in investment. The accurate data will be very useful for the overall success of investor. Each investment strategy needs the robust and deep data to acquire the highest profit. But the high quality data is not easy to obtain and too many unofficial data sources provide inaccurate data as well as interfere with other high-quality data sources. This negatively impacts the efficiency of investment strategies. In particular, when crypto world is an emerging market, strategic investment analysts are still limited and do not have a worthy place for them to participate. Therefore, the valuable information in this market is even more difficult to acquire. Be aware of this, TokenData builds an ecosystem where experts share their assessments with an extensive information network. TokenData updates the business and financial information and news worldwide.


TokenData is a platform which supports the construction and implementation of professional investment decisions, based on a crypto asset database. TokenData provides the diverse data such as financial market data, news and trends of crypto market, etc.

TokenData Features

  • Alternative: With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, TokenData is possible to provide the alternative datasets from the analysis of the predictive data and index in other datasets. This also reduce the human errors in the data collection and prediction.
  • Core: TokenData aims to provide the quantitative data from global economy and essential data from companies by gathering and analyzing data from the financing news and the project’s whitepapers.
  • Trade: By collecting trading data in major cryptocurrency exchanges, TokenData can offer the wide range of applications in order for users to optimize their strategies as well as maximize their profits. In addition, TokenData also provide the multiple exchange-integrated interface thanks to APIs. This allows users access to over 50 exchanges with more than 2000 crypto assets as well as make orders on these exchanges just via a single interface.

TokenData Advantages

  • Having the huge database from various sources to meet the demand of users.
  • Providing the merging data and predictions by adopting the Artificial Intelligence in order for users to easily use these data.
  • Offering the indexes such as Scam Index, Risk Index, Technology Index, Team Solidity Index, etc. in order for users to have the most information to make the best decision at the current time.
  • Integrating multifunction in one single interface to facilitate for users, even giving the accessibility to major exchanges at the same time.
  • By gathering quotation from different exchanges, TokenData helps users profit from the arbitrage opportunities.
  • Having the ability to provide continuously the up-to-date data to users through the applications and APIs.
  • The TDA token is a security token based on the newest standard of Ethereum smart contract to distribute the share profits to the token’s holders in each quarter.
  • TokenData platform is built by an outstanding team with extraordinary data scientists and a strong partner.


TokenData can create the innovative approach to acquire the accurate data in crypto world. They also help investors in crypto assets have the overall view of market situation in order to make the most appropriate decisions. In addition, TokenData helps investors avoid the scam ICOs by providing the index analyzed from multiple data sources. TokenData contribute to clean the data to build the trustworthy database in crypto space as well as speed up the development of crypto economy.

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