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Overview of current cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market attracted special attention after Bitcoin reached nearly $20,000 by the end of 2017. More and more companies and businesses are joining this potential market. Currently the market has more than 2100 cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of up to $121 billion. However, the true liquidity of cryptocurrencies does not really reach this figure. It is caused by the locked tokens which are distributed to founding team as well as the lost tokens which are in the key-lost wallets (according to statistics, 20% bitcoin in circulation is in unknown wallets because wallet owners have lost the private key and almost those are bought at the low price).

On the other hand, investors and traders have to face with many risks of crypto space such as market manipulation, market making, exchange hacking as well as their profit is reduced by friction fees (trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, ....). Especially, centralized exchanges are aimed by hackers due to the large number of assets which is gathered in these exchanges. The 51% attacks also focus on these exchanges because hackers can easily track the quantity of assets and the volume of transactions.

Saturn Black

Saturn Black platform provides the liquidity for cryptocurrency market thanks to the unique exchange mechanism among diverse cryptocurrencies as well as offering the OTC trading and OTC exchange platform based on Swap protocol.

Benefits of Saturn Black

  • Investors are possible to participate in the fair and reliable market where there is no market manipulators and market maker because Saturn platform adopts Swap protocol for assets exchanges. Swap protocol will perform the atomic exchange, means that assets will be transfer directly from wallet to wallet, even those crypto assets are in different chains. Thereby, investors do not need to deposit into exchange platforms to trade their assets.
    o First, investors will avoid the risk of exchange hacking as well as pay for exchange fees.
    o Second, investors are free to trade their cryptocurrency without the manipulation, all transactions are based on the consensus of both parties.
    o Final, investors have ability to trade the cryptocurrencies which are yet listed on exchanges or have a low liquidity.
  • Companies who take part in Saturn Black token sale will acquire the incentives from Saturn team as well as be able to contribute to solve their token liquidity. In addition, the startup companies may obtain the complete evaluation of liquidity of their own cryptocurrency in future when it is listed on exchanges.
  • Bounty hunter can trade their bounty rewards after receiving it. No longer to wait the token issuers list their tokens on exchanges. With the high liquidity brought by Saturn Black platform, bounty hunters are able to gain immediately their money.

Saturn Black token

XSAT will be the main quotation for every asset in Saturn platform as well as a medium of exchange with the high liquidity. There will be multiple XSAT-cryptocurrency pairs to increase the liquidity of these cryptocurrencies. Saturn Black team also intends to make XSAT become the trustworthy crypto asset as Bitcoin, even become a collateral.

Saturn services

  • Escrow: Allow users trade their crypto assets with the aid of reliable third-party.
  • OTC cross-chain trading: Allow users trade their cryptocurrencies through Swap protocol.
  • OTC auction: Allow users acquire the large amount of crypto assets with the best price and low commission.
  • Direct exchange with fiat currency: Allow users exchange crypto – fiat in all services of Saturn platform.

Saturn Black official media channels

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