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The emergence of cryptocurrency makes investors scramble to participate in to reap huge profits from it. Like in the real economy, the cryptocurrency market also has a variety of business models. And one of the best businesses in cryptocurrency world is the establishment of an exchange platform. This makes a series of exchanges set up in the hope of obtaining high returns from large volumes of trading from cryptocurrency investors. However, it was the massive launch of these exchanges that made the founders ignore the criteria required by a standard exchange.

Problems of existing exchanges

  • They just focus on attracting customers but they do not realize the liquidity is not enough to meet the demand of traders.

  • They list many cryptocurrencies to serve the clients but it is lack of fiat-crypto pairs. Traders have to exchange their cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa in other exchange.

  • There are many cases of exchange hacking, even the major exchanges in the world. The security system still has security holes to facilitate the hacking behaviors.

  • Due to the assurance of the stable operation, almost exchanges have to perform the complicated processes for transactions such as withdraw and deposit processes. But this is a time-wasting caused by the weak of technical architecture.

  • One of big problems of current exchanges is quality of support services. Some exchanges have the small team, even lack of members to serve and address promptly the problems of customers. Customers maybe wait hours to days for the help of exchange team.

IRONX Exchange

Founded by IronFX Group, IronX aims to offer the regulated, high standards, 24/7 support service and strict-procedures exchange to cryptocurrency traders as well as boost the development of crypto economy.

IRONX Advantages

  • To make the partnerships with various renowned exchanges to increase the liquidity. IronX exchange ready to serve the large number of clients at the same time.

  • By connecting with crypto-accepted banking systems, IronX allows customers easily exchange in crypto-fiat pairs.

  • IronX will provide the exchange with the easy-to-use interface and the comprehensive functions. In addition to enhancing the security system, IronX also implement some methods such as the periodic audition by well-known security companies, the utilization of cold wallet to store assets, etc.

  • IronX has the team members coming from multiple nations hence they are possible to support in over 30 languages. Besides, the support team will online 24/7 to address all issues of clients.


IronX exchange establishes with the crowded and professional team and advisors as well as having the partnerships with the outstanding partners such as EmurgoHK Group, known as the developer of blockchain project “Cardano”; and Smartologic Technologies, known as the advisors of Stox, VINchain and CEDEX ICO. In addition, IronX will be a global crypto exchange with the multinational and multilingual team members, simultaneously satisfy customers with the high-quality services as well as the promt support. Ironx exchange platform is worthy for the clients to put in their confidence and use in long-term. IronX exchange is expected to release the beta version in December and official version in next year.

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