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Data is important in almost sectors, and the accurate data is more critical. In business, data is most important because it affects all aspects from planning, operating and profit. A small mistake in data can have huge consequences for businesses. Therefore, the accurate data is extremely necessary.

On the other hand, due to the development and globalization of business, multinational companies and corporations locate their branches across different continents. This increases their market access, but on the contrary, it also causes the asynchronous database. Besides, as the number of subsidiaries increases, more transactions are needed between sub-companies, which makes it more difficult to organize all transactions in the company. The process of internal cost allocation becomes complicated by accounting differences, such as accounting methods, different applied exchange rates, etc.

I. What is IntraChain?

Intrachain is a blockchain-based process mining software with the decentralized database. This software will track the user behaviors in order to collect the data and store these data in blockchain space.

II. IntraChain Products

IntraChain is developing two products to serve the individual users and businesses.

Intrachain private

This product is designed to serve individual users. It will track their behaviors and provide the overview data and analyzed data of their activities in order for them to manage the allocation of work time.

Intrachain business

Intrachain Business not only tracks the employee's behaviors but also creates the homogeneous data and make exactly the payments among sub-companies thanks to the combination of blockchain and smart contract.

III. Intrachain’s Advantages

• Providing the highest quality data

Intrachain software will directly track the user’s behaviors to gather the correct data. In this way, Intrachain is possible to provide the highest quality data to help users have the overall view in order to make the critical decisions.

• High data security

Powered by blockchain, Intrachain can secure the user’s data with the immutability. In addition, with the decentralized database, users can avoid the data attacks as well as the data loss caused by system errors.

• Database and accounting system synchronization

Companies can not only collect the accurate data from staffs but also effortlessly create the smooth coordination between sub-companies and departments to improve the effectiveness and speed of working processes.

• Reducing the friction costs

Intrachain helps users reduce their costs in business following the way:

  • The elimination of manual collecting data thanks to the mining process software
  • The automatic comparison and transfer of accounting data thanks to smart contract
  • The prevention of data loss thanks to blockchain technology

IV. Conclusion

Intrachain will change the way we collect data from individual behaviors to company activities. With the adoption of blockchain technology, Intrachain has ability to offer the secure and convenient services for individuals and companies. Users will acquire the accurate data with the cost-effectiveness. Besides, the company operation will be speeded up and improved; the accounting processes will be more correct and reduced the failures of human. From that, companies may easily expand the business model and scale as well as reduce the costs simultaneously increase the revenue.

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